5 tips for travelling the world

So you have decided you want to travel the world, perhaps on a gap year before starting university or college, perhaps later in life taking a year out from work to finally take that leap to see the world, experience new things, make lifelong friends, and come home with an untold amount of stories to tell…

Here is out top 5 tips for travelling the world and staying safe:


1) Scan and store ALL important documents before you leave

Having all your important travel documents scanned and stored online can be a great help when travelling. Some border crossings will require a copy of your documents, so we even suggest having some on you just incase you find the need to use them at some point. It also helps incase you lose a document you need and have the information readily available at short notice to use again.


2) Separate sources of money

Travelling can sometimes be a nightmare for some. We have heard untold stories of people getting mugged, money being stolen, wallets pick pocketed without you even knowing. Separating your sources of money can help a great deal in stopping things like this from happening. We suggest carrying some money in socks, pockets, and even bags. Some have even gone as far to carry around a duplicate wallet with them incase you was to get mugged, you can easily hand over the ‘fake’ wallet with a small amount of money in it, and be happy in the knowledge that important things in your real wallet are safe and sound.


3) Get travel insurance

An obvious one we know, but there are so many people out there who fail to get travel insurance, go away on holidays or travelling, and find themselves regretting that decision down the line with expensive treatment costs abroad for travellers and tourists. Travel insurance need not be expensive, shop around and you can find a great deal for your travels – you will thank us later when it comes time to have to use it.


4) Get vaccinated before leaving

If you are planning long term travel, always check with your local doctor against any vaccinations that you may need to undertake before travelling. Don’t leave this too late, as some vaccinations require several weeks of treatment in order to be properly vaccinated before you travel. Do this as soon as you have decided you are going to go travelling.


5) Don’t forget to enjoy!

Of course, all this worrying, all this planning, don’t forget that you are actually out there to enjoy yourself! Have a blast, make new friends, make lifetime memories, and have as much fun as you possibly can. Travel is all about being cautious, but having fun at the same time – don’t forget that.

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