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Things to know before starting university

So you are just about to start university but have no idea what to expect or what will happen once you do. Starting uni can be a difficult time in any person’s life. We present our top 5 tips for starting uni and things we wish we had known before we started uni.


1. Don’t worry about living arrangements

If you are planning on staying on campus at uni, you will inevitably end up with at least one housemate who you don’t get on with so much, or the housemate who doesn’t help with the cleaning or the cooking. Deal with it, you are not 80 years old yet, try to reason, try to organise weekly house meetings to get things out in the open and discuss rules of the house, otherwise, it will be a free for all.


2. Budget

But we are students, we hear you cry. Yes, exactly, you are students, chances are you will have little to no spare money at all. Learn to budget, learn to live within your means, and you will benefit from it not only during uni, but throughout life as well. A good budgeter will go far in life.


3. You can enjoy the odd night out, every night is not the odd night

But we are students! Yes, we heard you the first time. Students enjoy a night out. Students enjoy the £1 drinks and the cheapest alcohol that you can find in your local Tesco. But remember, you are there to get a degree, at some point, you will have to learn to study. Pace yourselves, its a marathon, not a race. There is no need to go out drinking every single night.


4. Cooking really isn’t so hard

Dun dun dun, yes, who would have thought. Cooking (gasp), can actually be really simple when you put your mind to it. You have access to Internet, we know you do because you are reading this article. Look up some cheap and simple recipes. You will be amazed just how far the weekly food budget can stretch when using some imagination. Noodles everyday really isn’t the way forward to live, believe us.


5. Enjoy it! 

Yes, we are not here to rain down on your parade, starting uni is tough, we get it. You want to enjoy life and live it to the maximum, we also get that. You have to enjoy uni, go out, have fun, meet new friends, enjoy plenty of drinks. Just remember to moderate yourself and pace yourself accordingly. At the end of the 3 years you want to walk away with not only a degree, but also 3 years of great memories.

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