Why people hate iOS 7

It’s safe to say that Apple’s new iOS 7 has caused quite a response since being launched a few weeks ago. Some people love it, some people hate it, others couldn’t care less about yet another Apple update.

The ones making the loudest noise though, naturally, are the ones who dislike the new update. But what makes iOS 7 bad? Why do people hate on iOS 7 so much?

We present the top 3 reasons why people have took a dislike to Apple’s new operating system update:


1. The look is way too ‘cartoony’

The new look operating system is certainly the most daring update Apple has made to the system since the first iPhone creation. The new look iOS 7 has had an overhaul of the entire look and feel. Was it too soon? Perhaps too big a leap for Apple’s trusted users to take? Or perhaps adults are not feeling the new cartoony look, a great look if you’re under the age of 15, but some adults are finding it a little amateurish in look and feel.


2. Siri is just… Siri

A lot of users were expecting a big update to Apple’s Siri, the voice detective assistant for the phone. While Siri is certainly improving, it is still lacking several capabilities that users want to use. I mean, if you want to search something on your phone, how many of you actually use Siri? Sorry Apple, still room for improvement there for us.


3. More pocket dialling

Many users have been complaining that Apple’s new look screen controls have also added to the amount of pocket dialling on iPhones. Not a huge deal per se, but we guess that depends on who you are pocket dialling and what you are doing when pocket dialling!


There are plenty more things that users are disliking about the new iOS 7 update, however these are just the top 3 that we found to annoy users the most. What are you most hated updates from Apple? Let us know.

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