Advice for a Graduated Student

Graduation time is that time that every student looks forward to. It’s a phase of mixed emotions where you are nostalgic about your past college life and nervous and excited for the time ahead that you are going to witness. Graduation is a time for recognition, accolades and at the same time, anticipation of the future. It is a shift from the secure university life to the real competitive world (workforce). Following is some advice that every graduate should strictly follow:


  • Keep faith

When you are the crossroad of your new life, never feel fearful of any obstacles that daunt on you. Be confident about yourself and keep the faith that you will make it big. Never let any obstacles hamper your path to success.


  • Stand out in the crowd

Just be yourself. Don’t imitate, rather be unique. You don’t have to follow anyone; in fact you should be so versatile that people see you as a source of inspiration. Everything that you do should contribute to building your brand, so that people look up to you.


  • Have a clear perspective

When you have a goal in your head of what you want to achieve, work very hard towards it, without succumbing to any failures. Your perspective and attitude will help you cross any hurdle that comes along your way. Instead of getting bogged down by difficulties, take them head on and turn them into opportunities for growth.


  • Be passionate about what you do

It is said that you should be serious about what you want to achieve but you don’t have to take yourself too seriously for that. Add humour to relieve yourself in tough times and you can sail through every obstacle.


  • Success v/s Significance

Success means different things to different people. It’s just about the way you define it. However, the important thing is that success should not be the sole motive for you. You have to make that shift from success to pursuit of significance along your professional and personal journey.


  • Keep learning

As long as you are alive, life teaches you. Thus, learning should not stop once you graduate. Take every challenge as an opportunity to learn something new for your own self-development.


  • Define your job

Be clear in your head about what you want to do. There is nothing like an “ideal job” because every job teaches you something and helps in growth.


Thus, it is not wrong to keep place in you heart for something improbable. As long as you have decided to win, you will.

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