Best Apps for Movie Watchers

For all those who take entertainment seriously and are addicted to movies and television, the news is that you don’t have to rely on your television anymore. All you have to do is buy a smartphone or a tablet and you are sorted. This is because these gadgets offer some apps that make movie watching a blissful experience. What’s more is that you can be updated about upcoming movies and enhance your collections. Some of the best apps for movie watchers are:


  • mVideo Player

This app is both a player and a visual library. It can play videos in different formats, fetching the information from all the media that you carry and organise it with posters. This app is impressive when you are carrying movies on your SD card. Another distinguishing feature of this app is that it looks for subtitles in any language, extracts it to fit in the same folder as the video file.


  • IMDb Movies and TV

This app needs no introduction. It is an ultimate must-have that has references for actors, directors, trailers, reviews, biographies and more.


  • Viki- Free Tv, Movies, K Drama

This app provides a lot of movies and content from South Korea (with English sub-titles) and all over the world, including drama and music videos. This app has a wonderful search engine that helps you find movies as per the genre and country of origin.


  • Plex for Android

Plex is basically a media library for local and online content. Plex can stream all of your movies along with your photos and music to your phone with a tablet-friendly interface, speed and simplicity.


  • Movie Mate Pro

This app has raised the bar for movie discovery. This app is available on both, phones and tables, with loads of functions and presents movies as tabs of Coming Soon, Opening and DVD Releases. It also helps you to search any title that is available now or even years ago. In this app, there is a feature where you can create lists as per your favourites and already seen categories.


  • Movie App HD Pro

This app helps you search for titles and also helps you create lists of Coming Soon and Already Seen movies. The distinguishing feature of this app is that there are two tabs to each movie discovery page. This is useful as one tab also has suggestions for movies from similar genre.


With the apps mentioned above, movie watching becomes a different experience altogether. Not only can you view movies and videos but also create lists and have your own collection.

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