Best Phones for a Student

Students, too, like elders possess phones. It is not considered to be a luxury anymore; it has become a necessity in times of today. However, to choose from the numerous options available to a student, factors like affordability and functionality have to be borne in mind. Let’s number down some phones for students that are useful yet affordable:


  • Blackberry Curve 8900

This is a great smartphone consisting of features like WiFi, 3.2 MP Camera, Internet browser, GPS and MP3 player. All features are useful from a student’s point of view and affordable at the same time.


  • LG Vu CU920

This is a touch-screen phone with a 2MP camera and camrecorder. It also contains a keyboard for text messaging and e-mail service, MediaFLO for watching movies and listening to music and expandable memory.


  • Sidekick Slide

This phone has a sliding screen and a compact design with keyboard for text messaging. Other features include MySpace mobile experience, 1,3 MP camera, e-mail, instant messengers and media player.


  • Samsung Impression

This is again a touch-screen phone which contains the nation’s first AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode). Other features include a 3 MP camera, full slide-out QWERTY keyboard for texting. A very user-friendly phone recommended for students.


  • Blackberry Curve 8330

This is a smartphone that offers a feature called the Blackberry Messenger, which is an instant messenger where you can chat with people all over the world for free with a unique BB pin. It also has on the go e-mail and calendar services for students. Additional features include 2 MP camera, media player, GPS, etc.


  • Samsung Behold T919

This phone has a drag and drop widget technology which is unique and a TouchWiz user interface that differentiates it from other phones. Other features include 5MP camera, video capture and expandable memory, suggested as very useful for students.


  • LG Xenon

This is a touch screen phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for text messaging, 2MP camera and video sharing. Also has Bluetooth compatibility and voice-driven menu navigation and dialing for a hands-free experience. It is considered to be very useful for students.


  • Motorola Rival A455

This phone has a one-touch access to applications, with a partial touch-screen and slide out, beautifully back lit QWERTY keyboard, 2MP camera and hands-free options like Bluetooth, speakerphone etc. also contains mobile web, expandable memory and a music player.


Thus, going by the list mentioned above, students can pick and choose phones as per their interests. All these phones contain features that are useful for students.

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