Best Ways to Get Journalism Experience

To get journalism experience, you have to make yourself known to your readers. That is the starting point of your career. It is all about making good contacts to get recruited to best companies or news channels because these companies will typically give you that hands on experience that you are looking for. With the recent changes that have taken place, lay-offs have become quite common in this field. However, some aspiring people have also crated opportunities for themselves. Let’s see how you can get Journalism experience:


  • Start making contacts

Making contacts is the stepping-stone to your Journalism career. Get in touch with journalists whose work you admire, email them and tell them how you love to follow what they write. You can also take help from influential college professors and seniors who have become renowned Journalists. In other cases, you can meet the editor and learn from the work he does.


  • Practical experience

In this field, go in for accumulating as much practical experience as you can. Internships, paid or unpaid, are a useful way of learning and developing your skills. They will also help you make your resume look attractive. You can also gain a lot of experience by writing for your college newspapers. This helps you to work with others and pitching ideas.


  • New skill development

It is important for you to stand out in the crowd to be chosen by the top-notch companies. For this, you must be versatile and a pro at writing, photography, video editing, programming, social media and entrepreneurial journalism. This will increase your chances of being seen by good companies.


  • Build an online portfolio

An online portfolio is very helpful to share with editors when applying for jobs. This online portfolio consists information about your areas of interest, links to your work/blogs, your resume and your contact information. Some sites that help create online portfolios are wordpress, about.me, etc.


  • Research organizations that you want to work for

Knowing about the organisations you want to work for makes you look knowledgeable during interviews and makes your chances of getting selected brighter than other candidates. This can be done by familiarising yourself with their website and media coverage. This also makes it clear in your head whether you would want to work with them or not.


Therefore, it is important to make your presence felt for a good journalism experience. This can be done with the help of social networking, online portals and interning at reputed companies. All this helps to make your resume look attractive.

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