Running Tips for a Newbie

Newbie means a newcomer or a novice at a particular activity. What we are going to discuss is tips for a novice at running. These tips are helpful because they directly come from the horse’s mouth, i.e., athletes. Who could guide you better about running than athletes themselves? So let’s discuss some running tips for a newbie:


  • Invest your money in the right running shoes

This is the basic when you decide to start running. You must possess the right pair of running shoes so as to avoid any sort of shoe-bites or injuries. Moreover, you must check at the sports shop about the shoes that give you the right amount of space and cushion to run.


  • Don’t worry about the pace

Initially it’s not your speed that is important. You must try to cover more distance. This is an effective technique because it will help you build a good stamina. Once you think you have achieved a good distance target, you can start working on your time and speed.


  • Join a running group

It is always better to run in a group because it will always motivate you to be the best runner in the group and keep inspiring you to have other fast runners around you. This is another sped-building exercise that is of great help to a newbie.


  • Rest days are also training days

Running doesn’t mean that you have to keep doing this exercise everyday. You have to give your body a good resting time to recover from the exertion that you have been doing. This also is a part of your training program.


  • Make running a habit

As soon as you make running a habit, you condition your body and mind in such a way that it will become a part of your daily routine, even if it is for about some minutes in the day.


  • Build speed gradually

It is obvious that you can become a runner right from the start. So, the ideal thing is to start timing yourself each day and make sure you keep a record of your performance so that it gets better than the previous day. This is a good speed building exercise.


  • Remember that you are a runner

Always keep telling yourself that you are a runner. Others may be faster runners but that doesn’t make you a non-runner. So whenever in doubt, remember these golden words.


Thus, the tips mentioned above, if practiced religiously can help a newbie go a long way in running.

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