Best Apps For Sports Fans

If you’re anything like us then you’ll consider yourself a bit of a sporting guru. And what’s more you’ll love nothing more than gathering the latest sports news, pitting your wits in sports quizzes and of course playing the best games.

There are thousands of apps on the market covering everything from football to clay pigeon shooting, so whatever your sport, there’s something for you.

We take a look at the best sporting apps on the market.


rugby 300x166 Best Apps For Sports Fans

Freebets Rugby Logo Quiz

There’s no better way to test your rugby knowledge than with the Rugby Quiz. One of very few of its kind, the app covers both codes of the sport, meaning you need to know your Rhinos from your Wasps.

A great app for when you’re on the move, or maybe a quick half-time game on the terraces, the app features teams from across the globe and it’s simple, clutter-free design makes it easy to navigate whilst providing hours of fun.

With plenty more still to be added to the app, including lower league teams and a share your score feature, this is a must for both Union and League fans alike.


espn scorecenter android ios app 3.0 300x178 Best Apps For Sports Fans

ESPN ScoreCenter

It’s frustrating when you’re out, missing your team in action. Well not any more with the ESPN ScoreCenter app. Keep up-to-date with all the latest news, views and scores across a range of sports with the renowned sports broadcaster.

The app, powered by ESPN’s authoritative newsroom, provides breaking news and also allows you to never miss a goal, point or even substitution whilst you’re on the go. With push notification options and the ability to select your favourite team, you can make sure you’re in the always in the know, whatever the sport.


Pat Cash Tennis Academy 5 300x118 Best Apps For Sports Fans

Pat Cash Tennis Academy

Ever wanted to be a tennis champion? Well we can’t guarantee you’ll be the next Pat Cash, but you can get that little bit closer with one-to-one coaching from the man himself. The former Wimbledon Champion’s official app guides you through a series of techniques and tips with video examples on everything from perfecting the backhand to the basics of a solid serve.

Once your technique is mastered the Australian then works on the mind. A positive attitude is key to becoming a champion and Pat knows how to be a champion. Looking further into biomechanics, this well thought out app is a must for any tennis enthusiasts.


paper1football4 200x300 Best Apps For Sports Fans

Paper Football 3D

Enjoy the easiest job in the NFL and become the Morten Anderson of the classroom. A perfect app for passing time, Paper Football 3D boasts rich, artistic graphics with a fun and cheeky sense of humour it is one of the most popular apps on the market.

Its predecessor quickly became number one in the download charts whilst this follow up well and truly brings it into the 21st century. With the option to play two player you can even challenge a friend to prove your finger dominance.


all star sport trivia 200x300 Best Apps For Sports Fans

All Star Sports Trivia


We all want to be the master when it comes to sporting knowledge. The All-Star Sports Quiz pushes your brain to the limit. With up-to-date trivia that picks your brain on everything from the Premier League to the NHL, the neatly tiled navigational display allows you to work through sports like Barcelona would a Celta Vigo defence.

With the ability to save your score, you can pick up where you left off later in the day, if you can put it down. This highly-addictive game allows you to post scores on social media, proving you are the king of sporting knowledge.

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