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Why Cuba is a great holiday destination

Anyone with a bucket list will most likely have a holiday to Cuba on their list, and if they don’t, they should.

Cuba is changing, and changing fast – time is essentially running out for those who want to see the ‘real Cuba’, however there is still so much to see in Cuba, a real authentic Caribbean experience, a wonder of the world; caught in a beautiful time warp where classic 60’s cars roam, and isolated from the Western world for decades.

For those who decide to holiday in Cuba, there is plenty of research to be done to make sure you really get the best out of your experience. We have decided to make that a little easier for you by providing you with a small guide to Cuba.

Our tips for your Cuba holidays:


Be cautious, stay safe

Although Cuba is changing and slowing opening up, it is still a predominantly poor country – we advise you to take extra caution when out in public with your valuables. A laptop or iPhone will be foreign objects to many Cubans, and as such, an attractive object. Bear in mind that Cuba is not like any other Caribbean destination and make sure valuables are well out of sight when in public.


Travel with a top tour company

The best way to guarantee safety and peace of mind when holidaying in Cuba is to travel with a trusted and safe tour company. Most tour companies will only deal with top hotels where you will have plenty of options to undertake daily trips and excursions as part of your packaged deal. Holidays in Cuba with Thomas Cook provide you with more tips, guides, and easy trips to the Caribbean.


Visit between December and April/May

Like most sunny Caribbean countries, the weather in Cuba can be absolutely scorching during peak summer months. For the best experience in Cuba, we suggest travelling between December to mid-May, you will still experience plenty of sunshine, but it will be a lot more bearable, meaning you can enjoy your days outside, taking in everything that Cuba has to offer rather than searching for shelter from the sunshine in summer.


Take a trip through time in Old Havana

Any trip to Cuba without visiting Old Havana is a simply a trip wasted. Explore the fascinating historical and cultural monuments in the area – and into the unique city and take a look into the political era that dominated Cuba for centuries. A trip to the Catedral de San Cristobel is recommended, not to mention the countless artistic remnants and stunning surroundings.


Don’t forget to enjoy!

It’s Cuba, enjoy yourself! From taking Salsa classes, to enjoying the swinging and happening nightlife, Cuba is awash with fantastic people who are only more than happy and willing to share with you and make your Cuba holidays a time to remember.


Bonus tip – Taste a Cuban Cigar

This one is self explanatory, however do make sure that you are not purchasing a cheap rip-off. It has been said that the best cigars in Cuba are found in the town of Pinar del Rio – well worth the trip.


Of course, there is a lot more to do in Cuba than the things listed here, the only way to really gauge just how beautiful and fascinating Cuba really is? Well, take a trip for yourself – believe us, you will not be disappointed that’s for sure.

Have you been to Cuba? Let us know in the comment section and give us your top things to do in the country.

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