Gadget gifts for Christmas

For many men, Christmas usually means receiving ugly knitwear, dubious aftershave and an endless stream of socks. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. Drop a few subtle hints for these great gadgets, and this Christmas could be the best yet.


Gaming subscriptions

You’ve already queued outside the local video game shop to finally get your hands on the latest games console – and boy was it worth it! To enhance your gameplay, why not ask Santa for a gaming subscription this year?

If Sony’s your manufacturer of choice, a 12 month membership to the PlayStation Network would make an ideal gift. With the subscription, you’ll get exclusive access to some of the best games available, as well as being one of the first to try out demos. In addition, you’ll enjoy discounts in the PlayStation Store, access to online storage and automatic updates.

Or, if you’re more of an Xbox kind of guy, the Xbox Live subscription is for you. Through it, you can play your games online, watch TV and even explore the web through your television. You’ll also be able to download new stuff for your games, keeping them fun and interesting.

Both of these memberships are available through Amazon.


Buggy Racer

If you’re something of a big kid, the Buggy Racer from Hawkins Bazaar should definitely make your list. Part of their range of gift ideas for men, the remote control racer is designed for speed, and is complete with two flashing lights and thick tyres that are perfect for off-roading. With this top gift, you’ll be racing the cat, the dog – everyone!


Touchscreen gloves

Everyone loves buying knitwear at Christmas, so it’s hard to avoid receiving at least one knitted gift. However, you can make sure your loved ones buy you some usable woolly items by dropping a hint or two for a pair of touchscreen gloves.

Also available from Hawkins Bazaar, these clever gloves are specially designed to work with smartphones and tablet computers. There’ll be no more icy fingers as you send a text. Genius!

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