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Your options for Overseas Student Health Cover

So you’ve decided you want to study abroad in Australia. You’ve likely got a lot to get in order, from your packing list to your enrolment documents, but there’s one aspect of your upcoming travel that shouldn’t be overlooked – overseas student health cover (OSHC).

The vast majority of students travelling for study in Australia will be required to get private health insurance coverage for the duration of their stay in the country. Here’s a quick rundown of your options:


A range of coverage

Though students are required to have OSHC, people coming to Australia for study can choose from a variety of different levels of coverage.

Those who are looking for a cheaper option can opt to buy insurance that covers the minimum of services – which is still quite a substantial list. For example, even the most base health insurance plans for students will give them the benefit amount listed in the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) fee for out-of-hospital medical services, and it will cover the entirety of their MBS fee for in-patient services like surgery.

If you end up needing medication while you are abroad, the base levels of OSHC will cover up to $50 per pharmaceutical item, with an allowance of $300 a year for single folks and $600 for families.


Upgrading your plan

Of course, if you’d rather have more freedom when you’re visiting Australia, you can opt for a plan that covers more than just these basic needs. Investing in private health insurance plans can help you cover out-of-hospital treatments like chiropractic visits or cosmetic dental treatments among other services that might not fall under the most basic OSHC plans.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to what is best for you, your needs and the needs of any dependents travelling with you to Australia.


DT: Are you planning on studying abroad in Australia? If so, here are what your options will look like for OSHC.

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