Off the Beaten Track: Holiday Destinations you may not have Considered

Everybody goes to sunny LA, everyone hits gay Paris and all and sundry go to Benidorm. If you want a holiday that will bring back some real stories, some real adventures, some memories that will last a lifetime you’ve got to think outside the box. You need to go on a holiday that is unfamiliar, somewhere that will surprise people, you need to head off the beaten track. Here’s a list of destinations you may not have considered.


Cuba – Dance the night away in Havana

Cuba is an amazing country. My favourite spot in Havana is Callejón de Hamel, a beautiful colourful alley. It is where the party is at. Everyone on the street is a character and though Rumbas appear out of nowhere, they always happen on a Sunday. After a lot of the best Cuba libre (You’ll never call it rum and coke again) I’ve ever sipped, I even joined in! Some stunning salsa dancers taught me to rumba. It’s all in the hips! All I remember now of the night was one dance move. The girls kept repeating the move and after a half hour, I am a terrible dancer, I had it down.

RUMBA 300x161 Off the Beaten Track: Holiday Destinations you may not have Considered

1. You pick the apple 2. You take a bite 3. You throw it away 4. Never stop moving your hips”


Jordan – Walk around the ancient city of Petra

Jordan is the history lovers adventure. Jordan oozes history and has over a thousand years of unforgotten beauty. Take the seventh wonder of the world, the ancient city of Petra. It is unfathomably amazing. You will not believe a place like this exists. Depending on what route you take, it’s a 3-5 hour drive from Amman, the capital, but this is the stuff adventure is made of. Nearer than Petra, is the miracle of the Dead Sea. So salty you float!


Gozo – Cycle the circumference of Gozo

Gozo is a gorgeous island off Malta. You could cycle around it’s beautiful coastline in a day quite easily as the circumference of the island is 42.63km but if you’d like there are easier and quite charming little village hops you can try that vary from 9-15 km a day. Gozo has its own wonders, you have to see the Roman Catholic Basilica of  Ta’ Pinu. A striking basilica surrounded by green fields, it is slightly surreal! Check out Headwater’s holidays to Gozo and make sure you visit the caves, the castles and have a race on your bikes round the flower-scented maze of Gozo’s capital city Victoria.


Slovenia – Walking  over the Alps

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Slovenia is for lovers of walking and the outdoors. Their waterfalls and flower filled meadows will fill you with contentment and inner peace. The land in Slovenia is vast, green and oh, so beautiful. While you’re there you need to walk around the alps starting in Kranjska Gora, where you can enjoy sweeping vistas of Austria and Italy. Walk to the not so distant Vrsic Pass, a route that swings around goliath-like mountains, you will be struck with awe at how big they are!  Slovenia is an unforgettable walkers holiday.

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