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Leave your heart in Tenerife this summer

After experiencing my first holiday to Tenerife last summer, I can certainly say that I will be returning this summer to find the heart I left there last time, and to finish off what I started before – there is simply so much to do.

I’m not a fan of the typical beach holiday of sun, sea, booze, and more booze. I prefer having a lot of activities and sights to see – the tourist inside me loving nothing more than exploring new spots and hidden gems that will leave their mark on you long term.

That’s where Tenerife offers the best of both worlds – lots of golden sandy beaches to please, but on the other hand, lots of treasures for you to uncover when you look past that.

Lets have a look at the top 3 things I am looking forward to seeing in Tenerife this summer on my all inclusive holiday to Tenerife with First Choice, that I couldn’t see last summer:


The Pyramids!

I have seen pyramids in Mexico, I have seen pyramids in Egypt, but I am yet to stumble upon the 6 pyramids to be seen in Tenerife. This has to be number one on my hitlist. The mystery surrounding these is what attracts me – no one actually knows who first built them! It has never been confirmed although theory suggests the native Guanches built them. I will certainly be heading to see the pyramids of Guimar, camera at the ready.



I love to walk around new cities whenever I travel. I try to get around on foot as much as possible, and Tenerife is a perfect place to experience the island by foot. The countryside area leading to Montana Blanca is where you will find a lovely trail right up to the summit. Next to my beachwear will be my hiking boots to take on the challenge of hiking in Tenerife!



Okay, maybe I did do some shopping last time round, but… you can never shop too much can you? Being a duty-free island, you can find some great bargains in Tenerife and I recommend heading to Los Christianos and surrounding areas where you can find plenty of designer brands and goodies to bring back home. Just don’t say that I didn’t warn you – shopping can be dangerous to the bank balance so keep that in mind.


This is just three things I am looking forward to doing this summer, I could go on and on. If all else fails, put your feet up, kick back, and relax at one of the many beaches with a good drink and a book, or bring out your adventurous side and head to the water park and I shall see you there this summer. Just don’t forget to bring plenty of sun cream; it will be hot.

Are you going to Tenerife this year? Have you been before? Let me know your favourite things to do on this island in the comments below.

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