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5 Less Popular European Cities to Visit in Your Next Vacation

Europe is a dream destination for a lot of traveling enthusiasts due to its long history and the number of attractions that can be found in the continent. Of course, it is necessary to make an advanced booking and be prepared for some eventualities than to be caught off guard when you are already there. Unfortunately, there are so many stops in the country that make it difficult to decide on where to go. But one of the most valuable tips that any traveler can get is to avoid the most populous cities especially during the peak season. Although finding accommodations even in the famous European cities is easy with Friendly Rentals, you should consider visiting less popular stops that offer culture, outdoor adventures and , of course,  European history. Here are cities which are quieter than but definitely as interesting as their more popular counterparts:


Cinque Terre, Italy.

This village happens to be the locations for one of the UNESCO sites. Although this place was devastated by a flood in 2011, repairs have been made although it was really difficult to do so because of the remote location of the village. There are five villages in this town which is in a secluded mountainous spot. There are public buses and trains between the villages. This destination can be a bit difficult to reach but really worth it especially if you are up for adventure and you love sea food.


Bern, Switzerland.

Visiting the home of the genius Albert Einstein can be enough incentive for those who are trying to look for reasons why this is a good destination. This place is often visited for its mountainous region although it is worth visiting the city. In fact, the place has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage site because of the medieval architecture. The local restaurants are definitely a must and timing your visit in time for the Buskers Bern Festival in August is a great way to see how lively this city can be.


Northern Ireland.

Any fan of Game of Thrones would surely include Northern Ireland in the itinerary. The Glens and the Causeway Coast are certainly enough to lure any fan in the area. There are guided and self-guided tours. It seems as if the Causeway is the work of a giant but it is actually the result of ancient volcanic activity. There are ruins, castles and inlets around the area which can provide you with a lot of entertainment.


Moravia, Czech Republic.

Wine tasting and bike tours are quite popular in this area and this is just the place to be when you want to experience Prague without the tourists. Although Prague is a beautiful city, it would be cool to stay away from too many people at times and this is where Moravia comes in. The home of the second oldest university in the country, Olomouc is a small version of Prague. There’s a baroque sculpture, the Holy Trinity Column, which made it into the World Heritage List. Telc, which is known for its Gothic charm also made it into the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Porto & Douro Valley, Portugal.

There is a lot going on the 2nd largest city in the country. As the birthplace of the port, the hilly town in northern Portugal is picturesque and the art scene and culinary arts is getting more popular. Plus, this is a good destination to get your money’s worth. With the wine valley and the ports, this is surely a cool place for a getaway.


There are so many awesome stops in Europe but there is no denying that there are better places than popular European cities. These are just some ideas on the less popular stops for a remarkable vacation.

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