Best three cars for new drivers

Someone who has just learnt driving and now is planning to get his first car has different specific requirements than somebody else who is just looking to upgrade his existing car. Applying same budget and performance rules of an experienced buyer won’t work. First of all one should understand the basic distinct requirement a first time buyer will have before going for personal preference. A new driver shouldn’t be looking for a top notch SUV or a sport’s car, even if he/she can afford it. A new learner won’t be learning driving with a sports car (unless you are oil barons first born) so doesn’t make a sense if he straight away jumps to that after learning.  Besides being a cheap it should also be easy to drive. Some cars will require more skill to control than others.

Most cars bought in this category are small and cheap car. But this not necessarily means one should be content with low safety and riding comfort.  You shouldn’t and for sure you don’t need to. There is myth that low end cars will lack on safety parameters.  In truth it’s far from it. Market is flooding with options where one can get cars with adequate safety standards and good in comfort.

Below is the list of top three cars one should check while going for their first car.


Chevrolet Sonic

Available in sedan and hatchback body styles, the pretty, muscular Chevrolet Sonic is disguise for its economic objectives. Also its smooth and responsive suspension tuning assures it’s not a dull drive at all. First time buyer should definitely make this as their top consideration.



With a brilliant safe body structure, the Mazda is available in sleek sedan and five-door hatchback versions.  Power full anti-lock, panic breaking assistance feature, convenient power steering makes it seem too sophisticated for its budget segment. The beauty and features can’t be ignored by a new driver.


Subaru Impreza 2.5i

A small car to acquire an IIHS top safety pick, the very first.  2008 Impreza sedan and hatchback also brag standard all-wheel-drive, making them a a cut above the rest in terms for value for money.  Also it has brilliant mileage to add up. At about $18,000, the Subaru Impreza isn’t the cheapest small car, but it does have the all-weather and performance benefits of all-wheel drive. Best of luck in snowy terrains..


Buying your first car is certainly going to take a bit longer than rest, just like the first turn while learning to drive took long to come. But it’s important to make an informed decision and doing your homework before visiting the showroom. Apart from above mentioned parameters do consider your personal preferences as well. Don’t forget the test drive.  Remember that your first car will never be your last so you don’t need to get everything you need in your first car. Best of luck!

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