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My little visit to India

India is a vast country, have many cultures, languages and different type of food styles. Travellers who are visiting India should have to do these 3 best things without missing.


Which are those 3 best things must do in India?


Visit to Goa: Goa is called the beach place. If you are a couple then it’s the most suitable place to visit Goa as it have big and beautiful beaches and have many shacks which serve you good candle light dinner with drinks and tasty sea food. Singles not need to disappoint, Goa is not only for couples its best for singles more than couple as you people can enjoy lot here with unlimited drinks on beaches and night parties at clubs. There are many night clubs in Goa but should take care while choosing which is the best club and also don’t go for the unknown clubs which took by road side agents as those are fake clubs. Famous clubs you need to go are Tito’s club and Bamboos club. If you are girl lover then you will get very hot and beautiful Indian models and also you can get Russian girls too for just 15000-25000 INR. Visiting Goa makes you memorable moment and brings you lot of entertainment and enjoyment. Don’t ever miss to visit Goa if you visit India.


Visit to Bandipur Forest: Bandipur is the best forest place to visit as its well known for its wildlife. Bandipur comes in Gundlupet taluk in the district of Chamarajnagar near Mysore, the north part of Karnataka state. Bandipur is deciduous forest, which have number of biomes. People can go for safari to see animals like Tigers, Elephants, Dears, Bears, cheetahs, Lions and many more you will get while safari. Tourists can enjoy live by seeing all carnivorous animals in one place. It is full of thick forest and the forest lovers will love it for sure. So visiting to Bandipur gives you an awesome feeling.


Visit to Shimla: Shimla also called with other as Simla. It comes in Himachal Pradesh state, which is the north part of India. It is kissed by Kullu and Mandi from the north part and Kinnaur from the east part. Shimla is one of the finest places to visit in north part of India. It is full of ice world and there you can do ice skating and do some adventurous if you want, with your risk. Also you can enjoy the dog transport to travel on ice from one place to other place, which gives you some strange feeling. You will get some good natural coffee or tea to make your body heat. Tourists can enjoy hot spicy chicken or dry leg piece chicken in the cold climate of ice and sure you never going to have such experience in your life anywhere other than Shimla. Couples can enjoy their honeymoon trip as it has cold climate, makes you romantic and brings more love towards your partner.


By doing or visiting these 3 things in India, makes you memorable forever in your life.

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