You need to visit Bogota and here’s why

Bogota is the Capital of Colombia and is popularly called as the ATHENS OF SOUTH AMERICA.  It is a great metropolitan area that gives an excellent travel experience. It is situated in the tropic and is elevated at 2600 metres from the sea level. It’s unique weather conditions mesmerize everyone and this area is studded with museums, parks and the denizens are found busy in parties, picnics. The pristine natural environment and the innumerable number of to-do things beckon tourists from all around the world. It has many world-class tourist destinations. In this article, we look at the top three things to do, if you are to land your leg in Bogota.


Eat and Party

As the song goes, PARTY ALL NIGHT, PARTY ALL NIGHT, that is what the first thing to do in Bogota. The Andres Carne de Res restaurant is unanimously a superb place to party with your friends in Bogota.  As aforementioned, partying in this restaurant gives a scintillating experience and it is a very famous place, not only in Bogota but on the whole globe. You can get almost everything there, be it great food or music. Partying in Andres Carne de Res restaurant is like entitling yourself to a great day in heaven. In short, it simply is the best place in Columbia and if you visit it with your children, you can enjoy a cup of tea (Columbians call it Chocolatada).


Walk in La Candelaria

La candelaria is a neighborhood That is situated in downtown Bogota. It is, by far, the most ancient neighborhood in the city. Just like its peers in the history of Columbia (buildings like Colon theatre, Justice Palace etc.)  La candelaria is a great place to walk. No two streets look identical and every inch is filled with activity, courtesy, the age-old shops of clothes, music etc. Its called as the Bohemian Place of Bogota, for, one can find great artist and musicians performing on the road. The tantalizing aroma from the cafeterias and restaurants make people draw a beeline to the cafeteria.


A Sunday at Usaquen

Usaquen has a history behind it. It used to be a separate town way back in the 1960’s but was incorporated into Bogota from the time it showed signs of development. It has its own specialty with a wide variety of attributes. The Sunday mornings and afternoons must be spent in Usaquen, for, they are very special. To put in a dramatic way, on Sundays, talented musicians performing beats of folk music, pop, rock, and traditional drums, jazz, invade the roads. There are many markets studded in the surrounding neighbourhood selling priceless pieces of antiques, clothes, designs, artworks and paintings. This is a must visit place for gourmets. There are many numbers of restaurants that offer tasty food and one of the most popular and my personal favourite is La tienda del café where you can savour almost every recipe and drink that is so very characteristic of Columbia. Lastly, it also has a plaza for story tellers, you will be enthralled listening to their stories.

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