Why online security is more important for your business than ever before

Once upon a time, when all of our most sensitive pieces of information were kept in locked desk draws or filing cabinets, there was little chance of a hacker or thief getting hold of it unless they broke into your office.

However today, almost all of our personal and corporate information, from passwords to usernames, client contact details to banking information, is either stored online or entered into sites across the web on a regular basis.

Keeping both yours and your client’s information safe and secure should therefore be a top priority for any company that has an online presence and here’s why.


Vulnerability to attack

Without adequate online security, you’re leaving both your company and your customers open to attack.

Passwords, payment information, names and addresses as well as a host of other sensitive data could potentially be accessed by hackers, making both you and your customers vulnerable to thefts, data breaches and a range of other dangers and inconveniences.


Keeping customers safe and secure

By investing in online security, like an SSL or test SSL certificate, you can prevent sensitive data being accessed as it passes through your site, keeping both you and your customers safe as you go about your daily online lives.

This is done by encrypting the data before it’s sent over the web, keeping your information private even when it’s travelling through the public internet.


Growing your business

Though an SSL certificate and other online security measures are important when it comes to keeping your private information private, they also serve to inspire confidence in your customers, emphasising that your business is reliable and encouraging them to use your company again in the future.

Having a high level of internet security on your site is also good online practice and will help to ensure that your company website stays secure as your business and your web presences grows.

With increasing amounts of sensitive data moving online everyday, keeping your company and customer information safe as you build your business should be a top priority and is guaranteed to save you a lot of trouble and inconvenience in the future.

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