game of thrones

Why you should watch game of thrones

The series Game of thrones is screen on a variety of television channels including HBO. The film which plays based on the book of George R.R Martin. It practically explains the storyline of the book Song Ice and Fire. The series which gives a great picture of the fairy lifestyle fantasy, manages to thrill people with the great imaginative entertainment sense. There are so many great reasons to why the majority of the people should take time to just watch this movie especially if they are good story readers of imaginative fantasy.


The series is not predictable– Unlike most films, movies and series Game of thrones is an action and an adventurous tale where one cannot predict what is to be screened in the next scene. It leaves the viewers in great suspense which is rather what most viewers prefer than to always tell what is to be screened next. The episodes and seasons begin and end with a different motive,  for example during the first season the individual that most viewers considered to be the main actor actually died living people guessing what would happen next.


The series is adventurous, geeky, thrilling, and so forth– for those that are geeks and enjoy the idea of dragons, wild creatures, crowns, swords, knights and the royal kings this is the film meant for these kind of individuals. The fantasy and imaginative characteristic of how it was possible to live in a mysterious jungle is all reviewed in the Game of thrones.


The allocation of the characters– the characters play their role with great impact and motive that will make the film to become more of a drama that just a simple fantasy. The female character which simply play their role in such a way that most viewers continue to find great interest in the film due to the way they express themselves through of the episodes. They show great emotion and fear in eyes as though it’s actually a real life situation experience. Furthermore the ladies get to have a great moment watching the male geeks like the role KHAL DROGO he is basically a site to see as he just makes it more romantic by just glazing at him while watching the film. The male geeks get to play their roles as knights and that is really cool to see good looking guys portraying such a role.


Good Orientation– From the beginning the series was practically given a fair share budget by the HBO providing the evidence that the film showed great potential from the time they presented their project. Since this was basically George Martin’s writing the support from him gave the series a good allocation of the scenes, location of shooting and enough knowledge about the book was released to the characters. This way the actors had a good idea of what they would role play and it practically grew inside them making it easy for them to role play. Game of thrones a really a series one should not miss!

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