Sports betting at a whole new level

If you enjoy betting on sports, you enjoy the analysis side of things, and you like to work with technology- then the Geeks toy trading app may be the ideal tool to use.

You’ll be able to read a lot of information online about the app’s user interface and overall functionality etc., but what is generally lacking is the overall objective for traders before you buy.

So let’s be 100% clear; this is a tool to help you try to profit – but it’s only as good as the user’s decisions like any other trading system. In other words – there are absolutely no guarantees that you will make money using this software – but there is a guarantee that you’ll be able to approach your sports betting strategies with far more professional than if you aren’t using it. That’s why it’s worth having.

The best thing to do if you’re thinking about using the Geeks toy trading app is to download it via your Betfair account on the 14 day free trial basis – then use the training mode extensively before you place any real cash at stake.

The system is perfectly-named for geeks in that the analysis possibilities are excellent. So charting on whatever your chosen markets may be is clear. The charts depict prices and betting volume over time, price candlesticks, the weight of money being traded and the volume, and MACD (moving average convergence / divergence). Such tools are very helpful for traders for market analysis. But there are many additional cool features. For example, the “OCO” (order cancels order) interface enables you to hedge your bets to limit losses if things don’t work out during your chosen market (which could be anything Betfair create a market for such as football, horse racing or whatever).

To activate the OCO, you simply check the “hedge” box and set up the exit bet at the price you choose beforehand.

All in all, the app’s easy functionality makes it a fun tool both for techie gamblers, serious gamblers – and people who see themselves as both these things.

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