Taking inspiration from The Telegraph’s Travel Awards…

Travelling is always fun. The chance to visit new and exotic destinations or return to a loved and trusted country is exciting and if you can win an expensive free holiday as a result of your experiences, then so much the better!

The Daily Telegraph’s Travel Awards are a beacon of excellence for those seeking inspiration for their next trip and here we take a look at some of the options they’ve recommended.


Set your imagination on fire

The Daily Telegraph travel awards are widely respected throughout the industry as they reward cruise operators, websites, cities and other areas of the travel world with an accolade that has been selected by the newspaper’s readers.

Winners in 2013 included New Zealand and Cape Town with both areas offering plenty of attractive features to visitors. Anyone who has recently downsized and been looking at smaller retirement properties for sale might wish to treat themselves with the holiday of a lifetime and invest any leftover cash from their property sale into visiting either of this unique locations.


Excellence is always good

Rather than looking at a price comparison website for the cheapest holiday available, this is the occasion to take your time and indulge yourself with the holiday of your dreams. If you’ve read the book or seen the film then you won’t be surprised that the 2013 winner of the best rail operator category, the Orient Express is the ultimate in opulent luxury. You won’t have to worry about your luggage; your food or the outside world as the train staff and on-board service is second to none.

orient express Taking inspiration from The Telegraph’s Travel Awards…


Train holidays are a great way to view the world

If you like the idea of sitting back and watching the ever changing contours of the landscape flash past your window, there are a growing number of specialist train companies that will offer you the opportunity of seeing Siberia, India and even Yorkshire from the seat of a train.

Some of these companies use steam locomotives, which is an added bonus.


English country house splendour 

You don’t have to travel overseas for the experience of a lifetime. Among the prizes for this year’s awards are weekends at two beautiful country houses, set in idyllic locations. Foxhill Manor in the Cotswolds has been described as “the house of your dreams” and although a long weekend here can prove pricey it is well worth it.

foxhill manor 1024x768 Taking inspiration from The Telegraph’s Travel Awards…


Cruising is always popular

River cruising is growing in popularity and if you wish to combine a gentle water-based experience with a wonderful destination, then have a look at some of the different cruises that are available across the world.

You could always research your favourite French chateaux and plan a trip that will allow you to visit this en route. Take a look at previous winners in this category for inspiration, and whatever you choose, Bon Voyage!

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