Juicy Tidbits About Interstellar, Chris Nolan’s Latest Sci–Fi Movie

When you combine a high caliber director like Chris Nolan with a popular astrophysicist such as Kip Thorne in a science fiction film called Interstellar, you are bound for a really exciting movie. There is much to look forward to especially when you are into this kind of films and with a really good crew, this is a highly anticipated movie for this year. Although there have been some leaks on who is in it and what it would involve, no one knows for sure how it will all turn out in the end, we could only hazard a guess. However, there are some things that we do know, here are some:


Expect a lot of scientific debate. Theories are theories because not everyone agrees with them and with so much controversy surrounding time travel, the work of Kip Thorne who was a former professor in California Institute of Technology is bound to catch a lot of attention. The project was born when Spielberg heard about one of his lectures on wormholes that permit traveling across discrete planes in space-time continuum. All over the world, you should expect the scientific community to pitch an opinion regarding the plausibility of this event. But for those of us mortals who are just up for a good film, space travel through wormholes sounds quite legit.


Michael Caine will be there. Somewhere along the way, a Nolan film wouldn’t seem complete if Caine isn’t there and somehow this multiple Oscar winner has been bringing a lot of luck along Nolan’s way. Both of them seem to be set on working together, they have a good chemistry between them and definitely lots of great films. This space epic will certainly prove, time and again, that almost nothing can go wrong when these two are working on a film.


The plot is being kept under wraps. We all know that this film is about wormholes and space travel and from the trailer, a possible comeback at a different time. Cornfields are quite prominent on the film teasers and apparently a team of men are traveling in space to look for a food source. That is almost everything there is to know about the movie, for now. As one of the original science fiction movies, there is much to look forward to and better yet, expect the unexpected.


The film has a stellar cast. Matthew McConaughey is going to take over the lead role and he will certainly be one of the men who will be out in space although that is as much as there is to know about his role on the film. McConaughey has a track record of working with the best crew, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise why his career took a good turn. While at it, the rest of the cast cannot be ignored. Anne Hathaway will have a substantial role for sure and there’s Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain and Casey Affleck to name a few.


Expect this to be one of Nolan’s biggest films. With his magic when it comes to filmmaking, it would be difficult to imagine that this science fiction film will be anything but upscale. Filming has been done in different locations including Alberta, Canada, Iceland and Los Angeles. Reports of McConaughey outrunning a dust storm have been in circulation but no one knows what he was really up to.


While at it, it would also be interesting to mention that the cowriter for the film is Jonathan Nolan, the brother of Chris Nolan. It is much like a family affair and there are a lot of Nolan regulars on the crew. With all of these exciting tidbits around, it would be so difficult to wait patiently for the film’s release date.

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