Do not miss out on Melbourne when in Australia

Known as the cool kid of Australia, Melbourne delivers the undisputed top quality of cafes, bars, and a vibrant nightlife that attracts millions every year to sample just why Melbourne is consistently ranked as one of the top cities in the world to live in – and we are going to go one further than that and tell you exactly why you need to visit Melbourne on any trip you might take to Australia.

An urban city full of prized wineries, amazing bars, plenty of art, architecture, and iconic music venues; Melbourne is unlike any other city in Australia and the beautiful coastline will take your breath away before you can even step into the water – a huge diverse city that will have you never wanting to leave.

Lets take a look at why anyone travelling through Australia needs to place a visit to Melbourne firmly at the top of their to do list – you certainly won’t regret that, believe us.


When should you visit Melbourne?

The diversity of the city, coupled with a jam-packed calendar of events truly make this city a perfect destination whatever time of year you are thinking of visiting – an all year round hotspot leaving you no excuse not to visit.

Naturally, summer tends to be the most popular amongst tourists, perfect with long sunny days, beautiful sandy beaches and warm weather, and the highly popular Australian Open tennis tournament bringing with it hundreds of thousands of travellers alone to see the likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal strut their stuff on the lively Australian courts – the Australian fans have been known to create quite the racket of noise, all in that good natured Melbourne spirit. If you’re in town, you can always pick up a last minute ticket at Queen of Tickets. Summer runs from January to the end of March and anyone who arrives during this period would undoubtedly experience the best that the city has to offer.

Autumn provides mild to warm days, lovely parks, the beginning of the festival season, and plenty more to keep your days full of life and different to the next. Autumn is the perfect time to visit the ski slopes or take in some traditional Australian Rules Football – because, when in Australia, it’s best to do as the Aussies do, right?


Accommodation in Melbourne

A city this size is not without a plethora of outstanding hotels and range of luxury suites for travellers to stay in. offers the perfect budget accommodation that supplies high value, without losing quality.

Whether you are staying just for a city break, or an extended adventure through Melbourne, Sleep & Go accommodation is perfectly situated for life in the city just 20 minutes from the CBD and only 15 from the airport. We highly recommend any first time visitor to Melbourne to check out these quality rooms.


Three things to do and see in Melbourne

The culture capital of Australia, any visit to Melbourne is a visit wasted if you do not indulge in one thing… food. From casual lunch to quality dining, beef in Australia has even been declared as the worlds best – really! Flinders Lane is your best bet to find some of the finest dishes and mouth-watering food in the city.

Australians are mad about sport, head to Melbourne Cricket Stadium to catch a watch a spectacle of the national game, take in an AFL league match, tennis, horse racing – Melbourne is home to sport on every corner of this vast city.

Go for a cycle! Melbourne is largely a flat city, making it the ideal centre to explore on foot, or even better, on bicycle. You’d be surprised just how much of the city you can manage to see in one day via bicycle and some nice summer walks.

These are just three things to do in a very long list of great attractions that Melbourne offers. A city of this size would be impossible to sum up in one article, but we have to have whetted your taste buds just a little as to what is to come on your next trip to Melbourne.


What is your favourite pastime in Melbourne? Let us know in the comments below.

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