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Travel around Europe by rail

There are many ways to travel around Europe, yet surprisingly not many people travel by rail! Imagine being able to sit in the comfort of a spacious seat, look out the window and witness some magnificent scenery that you just couldn’t see if you were flying or concentrating on driving.

For me, the only way to travel is by rail, I simply cannot help but stare out at the long views, the amazing nature, and stunning sights as I sit snap happy in my seat watching the world go by on my way to yet another culture city or outbreak town.

Europe is a big place, and it is so easy to access some of the most appealing holiday destinations by rail. If you’re put off by the thought of having to spend hours on end on a bumpy journey with the sound of metal screeching around you, do not fear! Travel with one of the most elegant rail services known to man – RailBookers and enjoy the comfort of your own personal compartment and steward.

This rail service is a smooth, quiet ride, which provides you with the peace and tranquillity you expect and need when travelling. You’re also able to admire the impeccable scenery as you travel through Italy, The Swiss Mountains and many other well-known cities over a delightful meal. Be sure to take a camera with you!

Another good reason to travel Europe by rail is the fact that they offer flexibility and value for money. You have more options on times and dates to suit your needs than what you would have if you were to travel via plane. It is almost always cheaper to travel by rail than by plane.

You may find that people do not want to travel via rail because it may take longer than a plane but I’m sure with the scenery and the comfortable atmosphere you won’t realise the time difference, and if you need to sleep; many rail services offer compartments which allow their passengers to sleep in peace. Imagine the difference – sleeping on a plane where there is a high chance you may accidentally end up using the person next to you as a pillow (let’s pray you’re not a dribbler) or enjoy the luxury of being able to have a private compartment where you can cater to your own needs.

Plus, the food is always better, with some rail services offering a delicious 4-course dinner! And if that isn’t enough, you have the freedom of being able to get up and walk, giving those legs the exercise they need. After all, there is nothing worse than pins and needles and nowhere to run!

The array of countries and city’s you can visit by rail show just how efficient this service is. Whether you want to take a romantic boat ride down the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy or whether you want to travel to the Far East and experience the scenery in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. The opportunities are endless. Make sure you don’t miss out – Take the rail today and let your holiday start as soon as you step on board!

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