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Shifting from land based casino to online casinos

If you take a look at the most common location at which casinos are built around the globe, this is mainly around hotels, restaurants, on cruise ships or even around tourist attractions. The main reason for that is so that the casinos are more accessible to gamblers.

The roots of land based casinos date back to the 19th century whereby the term ‘casino’ came to include other public buildings where pleasurable activities, including gambling, and sports took place. An example of this type of building is the Newport Casino in Newport, Rhode Island, a casino built in 1880 designated as National Historic Landmark. Casinos have for long been a form of entertainment in many countries around the world and this continues till date with Monte Carlo, Macau and United States as the most significant sites around the sphere.

It is in the mid 1990’s that the online casino history began, when the internet gained in popularity. It was the internet only that allowed the casino industry to become extensive and universal which turned to players’ advantage since this allowed them to play at the comfort of their homes instead of having to travel to a land based casino. Amongst the many reasons there are for players’ to play at online casinos is time, convenience, game diversity and bonus offers.

Time is often wasted in travelling from home to land based casinos however with an internet connection, players’ don’t have to worry about time since they may access their favourite casino in a split second. One of the most evident advantage of playing at online casinos is convenience since nowadays players’ have at hand their favourite games with the same thrill, without having to wait to play the games as at land based casinos. In addition to that, at online casinos players’ may access the games anytime as well as anywhere with the advancement of mobile technology.

In terms of games, players’ have an assortment to choose from which is done within the click of a button; from slot machines to casino games. One of the most delightful advantage that players’ will have at an online casino is that they are offered with bonuses which is not given at land based casinos. Depending on the online casino at which a player choose to play at, bonuses are offered the minute they make a deposit or even sign up as well as on further deposits.

With the advancement that has taken place in the wide gaming industry, many gaming venues have opened doors amongst which is Magical Vegas! Launched in late 2014, the site is designed by the team; Daub Ltd, the ones behind making Wink Bingo a great success back in 2009!

Daub Ltd has set high standards whilst the making of Magical Vegas whereby they have made the site fully responsive thus players’ do not have to worry about the layout of the site and game while using any mobile devices. Ajax also features amongst the group of software included so that players’ may receive any updates on their end without the need to refresh the page they are on.

There have been many online casino that have made use of Vegas as their site layout however Magical Vegas has gone the extra length into providing an exceptional and original theme, found nowhere else. In terms of games, the online casino has made sure that players’ have a diversity of those as well as the best games to play on such as a series of slot games, roulette, scratch-cards, and table and card games.

Despite being new in the online gaming world, Magical Vegas is offering all its new members up to £1,000 and 100 free spins as welcome bonus plus 10 free spins on registration. Win a trip to Vegas is the eye-popping offer that players’ will find at the site whereby direct flights, a luxury Hotel and spending money will be awarded to the lucky winner!

As it is said ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ so see for yourself by setting foot in the city of entertainment; Magical Vegas!

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