Winter is the best time to head to the Cinema

Now I’m sure we are all guilty of becoming our own hedgehog during these winter days and spending evenings wrapped up in our favourite pyjamas, drinking hot chocolate and watching non-stop television. Sounds like a great night right? Wrong. There are only so many times you can watch the same programme, and let’s face it, there is always a new movie you want to see! Don’t let those winter blues stop you from visiting the cinema and enjoying a night out without having to worry about whether you’re going to freeze or not!

Personally, I am a cinema lover! I spend the majority of weekends in Cineworld munching on some salty popcorn laughing, crying or just staring at a screen with a pieces of popcorn that haven’t quite reached my mouth… yet. I get so frustrated at those friends who don’t come about because it’s ‘too cold.’ Do they not realise that a cinema is a room, filled with people, who let off heat? If anyone uses the fact that it’s too cold to go to the cinema; then I’m afraid we cannot be cinema buddies. Plus, if you’re going with someone you’re interested in; is there any better opportunity to cuddle up to them whilst watching a great movie!

The thing I also love about winter cinema trips is that it always manages to cheer people up! Whether you go in a huge group or just with one or two people, you’re always going to enjoy yourselves! You don’t even worry about the fact that you may have a cold walk home because you know that walk will be filled with talks about how hot you found the lead character and what character you really hated – which only means fits of laughter!

Now, I recently went Cineworld (it’s my local) and I can happily say I’ve watched at least 70% of the movies they have out right now! I had just finished watching The Imitation Game – Benedict is my hero! Anyway, so it had just finished and I found myself walking out the cinema sobbing, literally sobbing! Instead of getting strange glances, I received a cheeky grin and “… I take it you enjoyed the movie?” Sadly all I could do was produce a pathetic nod of appreciation. Despite my embarrassment, it was good of the assistant to take my girl sobs and transform them into giggles. There’s nothing worse than a grumpy sales assistant!

There are so many movies to choose from, if you try and tell me there are no movies you’re interested in I will call you a liar. You have so many genres of movies to choose from, you can go and watch The Hunger Games (I ranted about Katniss during the walk home) or if you’ve got children you can go and see the new Paddington movie, I’m sure they will enjoy it and what parent doesn’t love having their children request talking bears for Christmas?

Face those winter blues and get out there, take the kids, go with friends or force your partner along, you have no excuse not to go! Plus, you don’t want to miss out on some of the releases coming out!

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