5 Reasons To Go to Trade Conferences That Are Beyond the Obvious

Trade conferences, especially for students or the unemployed, are a great way to network and make important new connections. But beyond the obvious what else are they useful for and what other reasons might you have for going to them?

Here we take a look at five reasons to head to trade conferences that you might not have considered. From design inspiration to freebies, you might be surprised what this quick list has in store.


Design Inspiration from Displays

One of the biggest features of a conference are the number of exhibition stands most of them have in attendance. From businesses looking to let people sample their product or services, to organisations simply looking to raise awareness, the display stand is the first port of call that helps drive home the message. In terms of design, there are inspiring exhibition stands and others that fall short. Seeing the range on offer can teach you one or two things about good and bad design.



With most exhibiting companies looking to make an impression, the freebie, items that are given to you without charge, are another great reason worth heading to trade shows or conferences. From pens, to candy, to other handy everyday items, some of the things that exhibitors give out can really come in useful to you. Especially if you’re a hard up student or someone who loves accruing free stuff.


Insightful Presentations

You’re probably unlikely to head to a conference unless you have some interest in the general theme or topic. That said however, it is possible to find interesting, engaging and insightful presentations at a conference no matter what the topic. From investing to blogging, collecting to marketing, they’ll always be a presentation or two that is usually off-the-wall and delivers value on the more broader themes of life that are not just about the niche itself.


Food and Drink

From discounted food to free catering, conferences are often a great place to head if you’re looking to feed yourself or get a couple of drinks without parting with any money. Exhibitors know that alcohol can really help limber up potential prospects so take advantage of their generosity by doing the rounds and indulging in a few beverages for yourself.



Another huge advantage of attending a conference aside from networking and making connections? Learning itself.

More often than not its passionate people that travel the miles required to gather in one space, under a single roof to talk about and engage with people in regards to a particular topic. It’s those people that often prove the most influential and encouraging teachers, imparting their knowledge on topics you might have originally found boring or dull and presenting them in a way that suddenly seems interesting.

Conferences, although they might be pricey to attend, can often be entered on a discount too. Especially if you find ways of mutually benefiting the organiser, perhaps by offering to cover the event through a media platform or helping in the general organisation and running of the day.

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