Different ways to spend a Friday night

As you get older, you quickly realise that Friday nights are not only for going out with friends, getting drunk, and spending the rest of the weekend nursing and cursing that hangover – only to do it all again the weekend after.

For those of you who have been there and done that, here are some suggestions for ways to spend a Friday night without regretting it the following day, and even leaving the rest of the weekend free for other activities and fun.


Family evenings with loved ones

A simple one, but Friday nights in with the family will become the norm as you get older, and you might even find yourself looking forward to them, especially after a long week of work, life is tough as you get older.

A simple and cheap way to spend a Friday, family evenings can consist of games, food, jokes, and old stories bringing everyone to a happy state of laughter with memories – so you might want to make sure your family have no embarrassing stories of you that they can bring to the evening.


Movies and movies

In the modern age of Netflix, online movies, DVD players, and Sky TV – your choice of movies will be endless! Get the popcorn on the go, a few drinks in and set the TV on play; movie nights have been known to go well into the third of fourth film – anyone for a Star Wars marathon?

For those who are looking for something a little bigger, cinemas today offer everything from 3D to premium seats, so take your date to see the latest rom-com but be prepared to pay half your yearly wages for cinema popcorn and soda.


Home alone – game time

Of course, not all Friday nights need to be spent with family or friends, sometimes an evening alone can be just what is needed to recharge the batteries. With all the classic roulette and casino games, UK’s gives you the ideal night in to relax and win some extra cash at the same time – who can say no to that?!

You can also bring the online world of gaming into your own living room, how about hosting an online games night with friends in a winner takes all pot? The good benefit of this is you get to enjoy the home alone time, whilst chatting online with friends.


Takeaway and a good book

Let us be honest, how many of us finish the week and just look forward to a weekend of doing absolutely nothing but relaxing? A chance to switch off from the world and escape into dreams, a nice takeaway and a good book can be the perfect scenario for someone who has spent the whole week waking up with a case of the Fridays.


There are thousands of ways that you can spend a Friday night, both at home and out of home without breaking the bank, without heading out too far, or without getting home too late – it is your Friday, do what you want and spend it the way you want to.

So what are you planning to do with your Friday evening this week? Any plans different to our suggestions? Let us know in the comments below.

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