How the Role of 3D Animation Changed the Game for Online Casinos

From a “player perspective” it goes without saying that online casinos have been improving rapidly over the years. Their product offering is improving and their client bases are growing both in sheer number and demographic diversity. According to a recent study by Morgan Stanley, estimated online gambling revenue in 2014 cleared $37 billion or about 9% of estimated global gaming revenue. Those mind-blowing numbers will only grow higher in the coming years ahead and online casinos are making sure they’ve got all their bases covered to keep up with the surging demand.

One key area online casinos where have improved is in the addition of 3D animation. Who says 3D is just for animated feature films and video game consoles? Leading the way in this particular field is BetSoft Gaming. This company carries an extensive collection of 150 games, including its groundbreaking Slots series. Thanks to its state-of-the-art 3D graphics, BetSoft has become a prime mover in the online casino industry.

For example, Vegas-themed online casino for real money Golden Spins has incorporated BetSoft games onto its platform and with it, transformed (literally and figuratively) the way the public views online casinos. These 3D games have shifted the quality the public looks for from their online gaming experience and have driven significant new traffic to online casinos in recent years.

The stunning graphics, short-film game trailers, and cinematic audio quality that makes these 3D games so popular gets the mainstream public interested. Also enhancing the gaming experience are the entertaining character animations. Before, during and after almost every spin, these 3D games come to life as the winning symbols will perform a vast assortment of animations.

Players are drawn deeper into the mix with highly-engaging bonus rounds. These bonus rounds help immerse the online player and make the game play more dynamic and engaging. Of course, the “real money” at stake keeps them playing, lest we forget that this is indeed a big business.

These trends in 3D animation for online casinos will not be short-lived, this is a permanent shift. With the recent announcement of GTA5 incorporating a casino via DLC could we see a crossover between the two types of gaming industries? One thing is for certain, 3D animated games will be the main attraction for the entire online casino industry moving forward.

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