6 Ways Learning To Drive Will Benefit Your Life

If you consider learning to drive you certainly should think about it very carefully. There are downsides to getting behind the wheel, but there are also incredible bonuses. Here are just some of the few benefits of learning how to drive:



This is probably the number one reason why people learn to drive: you can go wherever you want, when you want – you don’t have to rely on others to get you from A to B – and, if you feel like it, you can go for a midnight cruise to have some time to yourself. Public transport is limited in terms of where and when it can get you to places (especially if you live in rural areas). Give your parents a break and learn to drive.



Not only will it broaden your options for what you can do as a career, but driving can become your business too. If you have a minivan or commercial van such as the Fiat Fiorino combi, you can use it for anything from gardening to building work. In terms of your job options, you’re limited to where you can walk to or what you can catch public transport for, if you don’t drive. Some jobs require a driver’s licence.



Once you have your licence, it’s yours forever (well, until you get too old to drive safely or you do something incredibly dangerous on the road). Even if you don’t drive for a couple of years, maybe because you don’t need a car, you will still be able to drive on the roads when you’re ready. Your licence looks great on your CV and it isn’t going anywhere. If you don’t feel confident, after you get your licence, you can always have supplementary lessons to help you become a better driver.



You can choose where you live more liberally. Previously, you would have to hug towns or cities, to ensure that you could get around freely. This way, you can live anywhere you like. It also means that you can pay less on rent, if you decide you want to live in the countryside, and enjoy some beautiful scenery.


You’re In Control

On public transport, you have no say in who you sit next to or what the temperature is like. How many times have you been crammed into a train, about to pass out from heat stroke? If you learn how to drive, it immediately means that you get to decide what happens in your car. Too cold? Turn the heating up. Too quiet? Put your favourite music on. You get to call the shots.



Let’s face it; people aren’t always great. If you just need half an hour of pure quiet and solitude before your morning coffee, on the way to work, you can have that. Catching a train or bus is usually a hectic experience – exactly not what you need on your morning commute. Forget the people (who are often rude) and just drive. It’s up to you if you want to carpool or not!

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