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Beat boredom with these excellent mobile apps

Winter is officially here, which means for most of us, that time spent at home rises considerably people head into hibernation mode to combat the adverse weather and bitterness of mother nature.

However, with more time spent at home, comes more time spent doing nothing – boredom will quickly set in. This doesn’t have to be the case if you have a smartphone, as we present the best mobile apps to kill boredom at home.


Our top six mobile apps and websites for a fun evening at home:


Swing Copters

The follow-up app to the smash hit Flappy Bird, this app will have you spending hours upon hours in frustration – mostly because you will die over and over again. Be prepared to have some patience as this is not an app for the short-tempered. For those of you who score big, be prepared to be the envy of your less talented friends.


Score! World Goals

Fancy being your childhood footballing hero? Of course you do, who doesn’t. This app gives you opportunity to recreate some of the most famous goals in football history. From the likes of Maradona to Pele, the app is a delight and a chance to experience to goalazo feeling of the past.


Tetris Blitz

A classic game of Tetris to keep you occupied and keep the brain ticking over – Tetris Blitz is a strategic game of smashing the blocks, and you can even play against other players around the world if you wanted to. With time limit games and different levels, the app is a great way spend 30 minutes each day.


Mobile bingo

Of course, not all games have to be time spent whittling away the hours for nothing in return. With mobile bingo you can play games and even win some cash in return – the perfect solution to a boring evening at home, you can visit for mobile bingo. Choose from a range of different games to suit your tastes, and start winning.



With more than 450 topics to choose from, QuizUp is the ultimate app for quiz lovers and is a perfect brain exercise – with quizzes ranging from flag guessing, logos, to even Harry Potter. Play against people around the world and prove your knowledge as the biggest brainiac out there.



Something different, this app gives you the tools to learn the basic knowledge of coding, and all in an hour. Designed for even the most basic level of computer expert out there, the app will teach you the basics and is a great way to spend some time learning a new skill with relative ease – and what a great way to impress your boss, too.


With literally thousands of apps available to play and download today, it is impossible to whittle it down into a list of just six, however these are six apps and mobile websites that you can use to spend your evenings in frustration, fun, and even winning money.

Do you think that we have missed an app off our list? What are your favourite apps for beating boredom when you are at home? Let us know in the comments below your favourite apps.

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