Explore The Rockies Like You’ve Never Before

You stare out at the most incredible view of your life. Looking out at the bright blue morning, 10,000 feet up, mountains as far as the eye can see. Before you lies the purest powder you’ve ever seen. You take a moment to breathe it all in – the sun, the mountains, and thesnow. The helicopter flies past, heading back to the ground as you strap in and start the adventure of a lifetime.

Sound like a dream? It can be a reality when you sign up for off-trail, downhill skiing. Also known as heli-skiing, it’s a somewhat recent addition to the sport. It was only started 60 years ago, when the most adventurous skiers of Alaska, Europe, and British Columbia took helicopters to the tallest, most remote peaks of the world far from any piste. They were looking for the most beautiful, isolated, and untouched lines, to get back to what skiing is supposed to be about—uncut powder and unlimited vertical. And they found it! Now with a high concentration of operators in B.C. heli-skiing has been perfected to provide the most authentic ski of your life.

Heli-skiing is growing in popularity because of its unique, exciting, and personalized take on the sport. Popular though it may be, it’s still nothing like the resorts. Resort trails only offer up familiar slopes, chairlift lines, and overcrowded chalets. The Rockies, however, provide the unknown and raw opportunity to reach your personal records for both speed and vertical. Meanwhile, there are plenty of boutique operators nestled in the Rockies providing customized trips. You’ll keep to a small group with Great Canadian, to make sure you never encounter the congested ski slopes of the resorts. The mountain will be yours and your 3 closest friends. That’s it! That’s because a boutique operator (like Great Canadian) ensures never to over book.

No chairlifts. No lines. No cut snow. Instead, you’ll arrive by helicopter without any delays to the freshest powder of your life. It will be a series of firsts for you, as you’ll take in the rare beauty of the B.C. mountain side. Surrounded by the absolutely stunning Rockies, your view will come in as a close second to your run.

Now imagine; you’ve just reached the bottom of the most incredible run of your life. Sliding to a stop, you lift your goggles, grinning from ear to ear. You look back up at the mountain, rising into the bright blue sky and think, “I just did that. That’s my mountain”. That’s the power of heli-skiing. So make this vision a reality and book your holiday today!

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