A guide to a perfect trip in Paris

The city of love, Paris has long been a favourite amongst the romantics out there, a weekend away to Paris, a week in Paris, no matter how long you are staying, how many times you have already been, you will always find something new to explore and discover in Paris.

Whether you are heading up the Eiffel Tower for the first time, or explore the Louvre Museum, or just walking on the cobbled streets taking in everything as you go, Paris is a magnificent city, full of culture and history, never miss an opportunity to head to France.

Here is a quick guide to ensuring that your trip to Paris goes as planned and without any unwanted hiccup or unforeseen drama that you might find before you leave or when you are there.


Do your research

Ok, before you head to Paris, it is paramount that you research – make a list of things you want to do, places you want to see, things you want to eat! And not only on that, do a thorough research into hotels and apartments, make sure you do a search checking out for last minute offers to see if there is any cheaper alternative that grabs your eye – Paris is a large city, you will be surprised at just what you can find.


Go slow!

Why rush? This is Paris, things are not meant to be taken in quickly and without proper time to digest and devour the beauty of the city. Although the Parisian people might like to rush around, it doesn’t mean you have to as a tourist. Relax, savour every last minute of your trip – sip that coffee, don’t gulp that coffee. A favourite for us has to be just taking the time to stroll the streets of Paris with your camera in hand, taking the opportunity to go snap happy and capture moments that you would have missed before if you were in a hurry to get to your next museum or next landmark.


Of course, try the food

Head to a small Parisian bakery, stop off at a coffee shop for a break, head to a top quality restaurant to try the famous French cuisine. No trip to France is left without the odd croissant or two. But look further than that, we won’t spoil it for you, but French cuisine is worth so much more than croissants or frog legs – get involved with the food and take risks with the menu, you never know, you might just stumble upon something great.


Be careful on the metro

The Paris metro can get quite busy during peak hours, especially if you’re in the centre, and although it is known as the city of love, men can sometimes try to push the boundaries of just what exactly love means. When travelling off peak on the metro, you should be fine, but just have that extra awareness about you when entering the metro at busy hours.



This is Paris don’t forget, you won’t want to waste a moment, get out there, walking, seeing, loving – enjoy everything that Paris has to offer and find your soul in the city. From all famous tourist landmarks, to the lesser known Parisian golden finds, you will never forget your time in Paris and rightfully so – it’s wonderful.


So this is our quick guide to an unforgettable time in Paris, feel free to add to our list or send us your suggestions for a great time in France.

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