watching tv

We all watch TV – is that a bad thing?

Be the intellect in the group who knows all

Let’s face it, showing off is super cool. There are many among us who have no clue what’s going on and try to figure where to look when others in the group are discussing about something we have no idea.  Even though good to know, It’s not a crime if you don’t know how what’s the state of politics/election and how the change of repo rates is going to affect inflation and other aspects of the economy.  But not knowing them can certainly put you in an awkward position when you are sitting with a group of people who are discussing these (Not an un-common practice). So besides making us an aware citizen, TV is certainly offer us a convenient way to track current affairs. And it’s certainly a more convenient way for most of us in comparison to going through wiki pages and newspapers to be that smart guy in the group.


It’s Leisure at no cost.

A visit to multiplex or a mall will cost both time and money. The other option of being lazy and lying in front of TV to watch your favorite TV show or Movie is financially much more prudent.  Also one can be assured that he/she will find at least one good movie or program of interest among dozens being aired across multiple channels. Whole family can sit and watch TV at effectively no cost.  By no means the conclusion is one shouldn’t go out but TV does gives you luxury of not always going out.


Idiot box won’t make you an idiot.

There is huge amount of entertainment and knowledge available on TV these days.  Gone are those days where dearth of choices meant most of the time you will find things of no interest or useless in general being aired.  These days, by no account you are forced to waste your time. You can utilize your consumption of TV time in a constructive way any time of the day, either for some good fun or some good food for thought.  It has become so easy to take a break and pass some good time with something being aired on TV of your interest. Now there are dedicated channels for travel, history, music, education, science and technology and list is ever increasing.

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