Learning The Guitar – A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep


Are you tired of making New Year’s resolutions that just won’t stick? Maybe it’s time you stop making impractical and downright boring goals that you secretly, deep down, don’t want to achieve. Stuff like eating healthier, saving more, and going to the gym have all become failed resolutions of yesteryear. Unsurprisingly you broke these vague aspirations within a month of making them. This year, make history by writing a New Year’s resolution that’s useful and fun. Learn to play the guitar!

Like you, so many people in Toronto break their resolutions because they’re making too many of the wrong goals. In fact, nearly 77% of all resolution makers fail because they over-commit, making a long list of objectives that they can’t possibly fit into their already busy schedule. When overwhelmed, it’s easy to let a goal go by the wayside, especially if you were never really invested in it eating more salad anyways. That’s why your one resolution of learning to play the guitar will have greater success. You (and your schedule) won’t be pulled in all directions because you only have one focus. And unlike dieting on rabbit food, you’ll actually want to play the guitar.

After all, you’ve trained for it practically your whole life. As a kid you watched Much Music religiously and bought all of your favourite band’s latest tapes, CDs, and mp3s. You went to see your band heroes play at famous Toronto venues like The Danforth Music Hall and Massey Hall, and you spent hours imagining what it would be like to be the one on those stages. You could be closer to the rock ‘n’ roll life than you think.You just need a guitar, and you need to practice.

These two are mutually exclusive. You can’t expect to have a comprehensive practice schedule if you’re always borrowing your friends’ guitars. When you’re at the mercy of their schedules, you can’t pick up the instrument whenever or wherever you like. Having your own, on the other hand, means you can attempt to parse out the chords for the new song, “Believe” by Mumford & Sons the next time it comes on your Songza playlist.

So leave your friends’ guitars alone and find your own at one of the many music stores in the city. The best guitar stores in Toronto will have a huge range of the premium brands, including Marshall, Gibson, and Fender. Many of these brands come in both electric and acoustic models that range between $200 and $600 – a more than reasonable price for the beginner. Just be sure to speak with a representative who can explain the difference to you, so you can have a better understanding of what each model should sound and feel like. While you’re there, you can stock up on some necessities like extra strings, some picks, and a strap for when you get to practising.

When you spend the time to find the best guitar for a beginner guitarist, you’ll set your New Year’s resolution up for success. Add to your sweet new axe at least 30 minutes a day of dedicated practice time, and you’re on your way to knowing how to rock out. And finally, you’ll have one resolution that you didn’t break.

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