Why I cannot get enough of Sydney

I love Sydney, every time I head to Australia; there is one place I simply must see – Sydney. The city captured my heart from the very first time I visited, and more than 10 years later – I still cannot get enough of this magnificent city, finding any excuse to visit at least once every year, sometimes more!

From spending hours upon hours simply people watching in the most fascinating scenarios, to shopping in amazing malls, to spending the day exploring the city and its many hotspots, indulging in some famous Sydney food and hospitality, Sydney is simply the number one place for anyone looking to visit Australia, and I’m about to tell you why so buckle up, sit tight, and lets go on a Sydney adventure together.

The other side of the world, Australia is my home from home, and here are my top 5 reasons for visiting Sydney for a trip you will never forget.


Being a tourist – of course, who doesn’t want to come to Sydney and see the tourist attractions? There are so many! From the bridge, to the Opera House, harbour, The Rocks, there is no end to the landmarks that have shaped Sydney into the metropolis it is today – you could spends weeks exploring Sydney and still find so much to left to do. Being a tourist will lead to many new encounters, friends, and experiences that will leave you feeling like an honorary Aussie in no time.

You will never get bored – I mean it, never, no matter how hard you might try. You will always find something to do in Sydney come day or night. A vibrant and exciting city that never sleeps, Sydney is home to many parks, concerts, and just about anything else you can think of to keep your day different from the last. If there is anyone who has found themselves bored in this city, I’m yet to find them, and I’m pretty sure I won’t find them.

Friendly people and accommodation – you may have heard that Australians are friendly and welcoming, especially to tourists and foreigners; making you feel at home in an instant, and it is certainly true, no matter where I have been in the world, I have never felt more welcomed than I do when in Australia. And the same can be said for the excellent quality of homes and hotels to stay in while in Sydney. Whenever I go, I make my reservation through and am on my way! You will be bowled over at the quality of your stay in the city.

The beaches – what’s better than a huge city with plenty to do? Add in a range of amazing sandy beaches and you have Sydney. Sydney has some incredible beaches, and clean ones at that! Get your surfboard and explore some of the little coves and enjoy beach life, in a city – this city has regularly been voted as the worlds number one beach cum city; a great insight into both sets of life, a perfect blend of the two.

It’s so different – I mean it when I say it, Sydney is like no place on earth that I have visited. Compared with every other major city in Australia, Sydney just wins hands down in every category. A trip to the city will never be the same as before, you will find new things, new people, and new adventures.


I haven’t even got into the weather yet, gorgeous sunshine, t-shirt and shorts weather, I could go on and on about why you need to take a visit to Australia. But don’t take my word for it, make your own mind up – Australia waits for you today.

Well, there you go, I love Sydney, and I’m sure that any one of you who have been would agree with me. And people who are looking to go, go! And don’t just go, please share your stories of Sydney with me when you get back.

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