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Best Apps for Photographers

Photography, today, is no longer restricted to just cameras. You can do wonders with photography if you possess smartphones or tablets. These smartphones offer a wide array of apps that can help photographers innovate something new out of existing pictures. Apps like Instagram have changed the meaning of photography altogether. Let’s discuss some more interesting apps for photographers:


  • Piclab HD

Available on iOS and Android, this app helps you create images that are all over Internet nowadays. PicLab HD helps you snap a photo and add typography to it, which means controlling its design, rotation, fonts, etc. it makes your original photo look its best with exceptional editing features with the help of photo filters that fine tune brightness, contrast and exposure level of photos.


  • Shoot and Sell

To help generate more sales for a professional photographer who sells offers prints to his clients, Shoot and Sell is an amazing app that will show how their clients’ photos will look on the wall.


  • FolioBook Photo Portfolio

Forget all age old methods of showcasing your work to your clients when you have this app with you. This is basically a digital portfolio, which lets you create galleries for your work consisting up to 200 images per gallery. You can also create slideshows and enhance your brand.


  • Rego

This app helps you keep track of your favourite locations with their photos and notes. It’s basically used for portrait photography.


  • Dropbox

Dropbox s one of the most amazing apps for photographers as it helps keep all your files like contracts, financial records and photos safe in one place.


  • Handy Photo

This is a powerful photo-editing app, which helps to keep the central area of screen clear, and to use swipe gestures to tone your effects.


  • Camera+

You can breathe new light into imported pictures from Lightbox by using this app. It is an excellent app for taking pictures as it uses the LED light as the flashlight.


  • f/8 doF Calculator

This app helps to take the perfect shot by calculating the exact depth of field for the photographer. All the calculations are done with a single screen, which makes it very user-friendly.


  • Geló

This app helps add colour to the photograph to change its look dramatically. A carousel of gels can be added to existing photos to make them look beautiful.


Thus, photography is not restricted to just fancy cameras and DSLRs. If you possess recent smartphones and tablets, you can play around and make your photos look professional and beautiful.

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