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Celebrate the arrival of summertime in style

Whisper it quietly, as we don’t want to jinx it, but summer is nearly upon us. And we don’t mean that one day of the year when it is sunny in the UK, we mean a fully-fledged, sun drenched summer is nearly upon us!

A time when beer gardens are aplenty, shorts are a must, and being British, anything other than a t-shirt could be considered sheer blasphemy – we would advise you to save the flip-flops for a holiday though – we just don’t want to see that in the high street.

We don’t know about you, but we love summer, and we think it should be a time to celebrate. And what better way to celebrate than the arrival of a shiny new brand spanking car? They do say that boys like their toys, and we can’t think of anything better than a new car – right?

BMW’s new car offers is a great way to start the British summer off just right, from the 4 Series Convertible, to a suave 6 Series Coupe, or perhaps you are a little more adventurous and want to test the roads to their limits in the glorious X1 – there is certainly no shortage of choice at BMW – be warned though, we shall not be held responsible for any insanely jealous glares from the guys, or longing looks from the ladies whilst you are driving your BMW – we have warned you.

bmw Celebrate the arrival of summertime in style

Feel the wind in your hair, sunglasses on, rooftop down – take on some of the UK’s most challenging and long stretches of road as you glide effortlessly through the surface only as you can in a BMW.

And just where can you road test your new car in the UK? We’ve all seen Jeremy Clarkson and the boys at Top Gear taking in some of the world’s most tested and beautiful locations for a drive, but what about the UK? Surely there must be roads in the UK worthy of your new car?

Well, the short answer is, you bet there are.

From Horncastle to Louth you can take in the A153 – connecting the market towns through some stunning natural beauty, this is an absolute gem of a road to drive, sit back, enjoy the ride, and put your car through its paces.

The A54 – A537 known as the Cat and Fiddle is one of the most famous roads around the Peak District and connects Buxton to Macclesfield. With mile after mile to drive it’s definitely one not to be missed.

So good it’s been named officially as one of the greatest drives in Britain, the A686 is our top tip to drive in the summer. Running from Penrith to Alston – we won’t spoil much about this one – go explore it for yourself, now.

There is no doubt that the UK is one of the world’s best destinations for driving, with long winding roads, long straight stretches through nature, and testing surfaces for any car – we love to drive here. Where do you like to drive? What is your favourite road? Let us know!

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