15 minutes of fame for 2015 Rugby World cup stadiums!

The Rugby World cup is currently getting maximum attention in the media and is set to break the ticket and viewership record. In fact, with 13 impressive venues and with such great teams in line for competition, this year many are tipping the event to sell out!

This article will review some of the less known venues, which deserve to be acknowledged just a little bit more!



Brighton community stadium is a stunning venue in Sussex. This stadium is situated on the suburbs of Brighton, just a train journey away from the city centre.

Constructed recently, this ground offers luxurious, padded seats better than those available in any other English stadium. Originally the stadium was supposed to replace the local football teams Goldstone stadium, however after winning numerous awards for the semi-circular stand roofs, this stadium has taken on its own life, supported by both fans of sport and admirers of architecture.



One of the bigger stadiums of 2015 Rugby World Cup list, St James’ Park has been a home for Newcastle United since 1892. Newcastle Stadium covers the historical grounds of the city: execution gallows, for which one of the stands has been named Gallowgate End.

This stadium hosts many international events, home and away games and is a monumental part of Newcastle’s City Centre.



With a capacity of 16,000 seats, this stadium has a rich history with international rugby. The first test match was in 1900 when Wales tasted victory over England. This stadium is a home to Aviva Premiership and is widely known for its loudest crowd in the league.

In 2007 the main stand was redeveloped, increasing the capacity from 12,000 seats to 16,000 seats.



This stadium is home to the Exeter Chiefs and their passionate fans. The records show that this ground was first used in 1873, and redeveloped in 2006 nearly doubling the capacity of this stadium to 12,000. This stadium has plans to expand even more and situate over 20,000 fans, potentially making it one of the biggest dedicated rugby fields in the country.


All of these great stadiums are going to participate and offer their seats to rugby fans during the Rugby World Cup 2015, which is commencing on 18th of September and will last until 31st of October.

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