3 Ways To Earn Money Whilst Backpacking

Many backpackers have spent months, sometimes years, scrimping and saving to ensure that, when they finally step foot on foreign shores, that money is not going to be a problem.

However, regardless of how much overtime was logged or how many extra shifts were taken, it is amazing just how quickly that these savings can slip through people’s fingers, even in countries where things are far from pricey.

It is a shame that, because of this accidental haemorrhaging of funds, many backpackers find the final leg of their journey to be all about budgeting at the exact time they want nothing more than to finish their experiences in style.

So, to help both current and future backpackers to not suffer such a fate, here are three ways to earn money whilst backpacking. Even if the savings are taking a serious pounding, you can still keep the momentum going with some expendable cash.


Online Casinos

If you are either a seasoned gambler, a numerical master or a tactical magician, this is the quickest, and most entertaining, way to resuscitate your bank balance. Whilst perhaps not the wisest choice for those who struggle to win a casual game of Kerplunk, if you have somewhat of a talent for online games, then online gambling would be a traveling, moneymaking enterprise. Many websites rank and review online casinos and their various bonuses, so you can find the best virtual establishment for you. With most hostels now having around the clock Wi-Fi, why not wake-up an hour early and be in the red before breakfast.


Content Writing

For the less competitive, daring or lucky amongst you, why not try content writing? Content writing, which involves writing articles to spec for a variety of purposes, is often freelance and paid by the article. If you happen to be a university student, or someone who has just completed their degree, this may be the perfect choice for you. This job involves researching, absorbing and articulating your findings with an objective and criteria in mind, which is pretty much what university trains you to do! With some companies paying above £20 for an article of only a few hundred words, this can be both an enjoyable and satisfying way to build up some emergency currency. Often websites will send you work tailored to your interests, or expertise, so you will find yourself frequently writing about subjects you enjoy. So set aside a day, preferably when everyone else is recovering, and get to work with an industrial-sized cup of black coffee.


Hostel Working

Whether you are in Asia or Europe, helping out at your hostel or local bar is an excellent way to earn your keep. Whilst most hostels won’t want to pay you cash in hand, they will usually give you bed and board if you’re willing to help them out. If it be pitching in behind the bar, washing dishes or cleaning rooms, the work will be backbreaking but sociable and rewarding. Often, if you are travelling by yourself or waiting for others to arrive, this is a great way to not only meet other travellers but immerse yourself within the culture of where you are staying. A great tip, if you are already foreseeing money troubles, write an effective e-mail and see which hostels in the area would be open to the possibility of you working for your keep. However, don’t be deterred if you don’t get many responses. If you are a charming and engaging individual, you can often talk your way into these positions. So brush up on your charm and work out your dish washing arm, because when the kitty is empty, it will be these that will stop you having to catch the next plane home.

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