Amsterdam Travel Guide – Things You Cannot Miss

Planning a vacation to Amsterdam? This city is one of the most popular cities in Europe for good reason. We created this Amsterdam travel guide – things you cannot miss.

Here are some of them:


Amsterdam isn’t a very big city and most of the attractions are located right in the centre of town. It is quite possible that you might bump into the Queen as well. Some of the buildings standing here have been created way back in the 14th century. In other words, there are plenty of things to see and do and it is easy to get lost so pre-plan your vacation so that you don’t miss out on any must visit places. The Venice of the North or the canal of Amsterdam are the city’s most famous symbols. The city has 65 miles of waterways. There are plenty of cruises that you could take to see these canals. Another attraction is the Rijk museum. In this museum you can see dozens of famous paintings by many artists. Amsterdam has another museum dedicated to only Van Gogh works.

With just over 1.2 people, this place is the most romantic places one could ever come across. The beautiful yet hop city certainly offers a lot with its friendly people. The charming architecture of the 17th century will leave you with a dropping jaw and wide open mouth. The Anne Frank House too is a must visit experience. Other places like the Nemo Museum and the Heineken Experience should definitely be a part of your vacation. If you are looking to vacation here, you won’t find any dearth of hotels for any price ranges.

When it comes to city’s nightlife, there is no shortage of bars and fine dining spaces. The Old city’s Smokey juice bar is very popular. Club NASTY too is a big hit with the locals and foreigners as well. Some people can take the red light district tour too if they are up for it.

The Amsterdam city is always bustling with life. Throughout your vacation you will never experience a dull moment. Those travelling alone too will find something or the other in this city to keep them busy all day long. The city certainly looks marvellous during the day and even more impressive after dark. Once you leave this city, you will be begging to come back once more relish the tasty treats, beer, nightlife and beauty that Amsterdam has to offer.

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