Packing for a ski holiday

Heading to the ski slopes has become a very popular pursuit for families and young holidaymakers alike over the past few years.

If you are taking up this form of holiday for the first time but are unsure what to pack, has put together this handy checklist.

However, we thought it would be good to explain just why you need some of the items on the list in the following guide below:


A good ski jacket

When shopping for a ski jacket, you need to ensure it is thick enough to keep you warm in the snow, as well as flexible so that you can move your arms and body as you navigate down a ski slope.

Jackets from The North Face make for fantastic purchases, as they are designed by a brand that has been creating innovative outdoor clothing for all kinds of adventures for 40 years. What’s more, many are available below the RRP at Craigdon Mountain Sports.


Snow boots

One of the main features that you need to look out for when trying on ski boots is that you are able to wiggle your toes around while wearing the footwear. If not, then it is inevitable that your feet will become cold no matter how thick and insulated the boots.

Just a word of caution though: opting for boots that are so loose that you are able to move your feet from side to side causes a major problem in that you will not be able to navigate your skis in the footwear.

As such, it is important you take your time when picking your snow boots and don’t make a purchase until you have found the ideal footwear for you.



You may be puzzled to see you need suncream when heading on a ski holiday. However, do not let the wintry conditions deceive you.

Many ski resorts are positioned towards the top of a large mountain, which means that most destinations enjoy clear blue skies throughout the daytime.

As a result, the sun will not only be shining directly onto you but also reflecting off the snow for added glare and exposure. Keep yourself safe by applying suncream to your face and neck before heading outdoors.

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