The Beauty of Rome

Visiting Italy? Rome is a must. The eternal city is packed with beautiful monuments, grand buildings and magnificent attractions. The Vatican is one of the biggest tourist destinations in whole world. It could take you an entire day to explore the treasures the complex place holds so it might be good idea to avoid the long lines by pre-booking your tickets. The dress code here is strictly followed; you must cover your knees and shoulders. The Trevi fountains are the biggest fountains in the city rising 29m high. According to legend if you throw a coin in, you’ll return to Rome once more. Just make sure you make use of your right hand. This out of scale fountain is even more impressive after dark. The oldest of all buildings is the Pantehon. Still standing, this building was built in 180 AD and according to legend it was built exactly where the city’s founder was buried. This place is down-right beautiful.

The most beautiful square in Rome is the Piazza di Spagna. It is surrounded with plenty of restaurants and ice scream shops. The Piazza also presents 3 different fountains. The most important one is the fountain of 4 rivers. The authentic vibe of Rome can best be felt here. The largest public park in the city is close to Spanish steps. This Park of the museums is quite vast. The elegant V. Veneto is like heaven on earth for those who love shopping. This street is one of the most expensive shopping streets of Rome. If shopping is not your thing, you could enjoy a cup of coffee at any one of the cafes on the street.

No trip to Rome is complete without a visit to the Colosseum. This world famous tourist destination has become very popular over the years. Expect long lines in peak seasons. Visit this must see place during the later afternoon hours for there are less people who come out during that time. This monument used to play host to 55,000 Romans who enjoyed the fights between the slaves and prisoners.

Rome is a lovely holiday destination that any couple in love or family must visit once in their lifetime. The city is simply beautiful with every corner telling a different story for itself. One thing is for sure the city countless amusements will leave your with an open jaw and ensure that you leave with fond memories with a strong wish to come back. One thing is for sure – Are you Visiting Italy? Rome is a must for all.

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