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The Best Movies to Watch around Christmas Time

Christmas is a wonderful time to enjoy with your near and dear ones. Apart from decorating the tree, getting gifts and cooking a feast there is lots more that you can do. Most families like to visit their grandparents or like to go out and party or sit at home and watch a movie during Christmas season. Here are some of the best movies to watch at Christmas:

1. Bad Santa: Tony Cox and Billy B. Thorton team up in this one with a thief and his close pal join forced for a Christmas came. The rude, funny and offensive movie is one which will be a hit with adults who love back comedy. The comic taste in this one might not sit well with everyone but it really is a hilarious watch.


2. Home Alone: John Hughes came out with the biggest of all Christmas movies with concept of family without family. Two crooks come to steal at a house with an 8years kid left by his whole vacationing family. The movie till date is a lovely Christmas watch for kids in your house. Even the adults won’t mind the move too. This is one of the very best movies to watch at Christmas with your children.


3. Noel: The Paul Walker and Penelope Cruz movie sees 5 NY citizens coming together a night before Christmas in a hope that miracle will happen. The film is sure to get you in the festive mood. If you are sensitive you will love the meaning this movie conveys.


4. Fred Claus: Santa’s elder brother is bitter. Fred Claus now has to move to the chilly North Pole. This one is hilarious and will you have your entire family in splits. Vince Vaughn is the perfect fit as Santa’s elder brother and will keep make your eyes watery with all the laughing.


5. Scrooged: Bill Murray is a cynical TV executive who gets haunted by 3 not so friendly ghosts who give him 3 important life lessons before Christmas day. Bill Murray doesn’t disappoint and will make sure your Christmas is a special one. Kids too will love this one. If you haven’t seen this one, you must and even if you have, you can certainly watch it once more.


Each of the above movies will warm your heart and allow your family to unwind during the holiday season. What is Christmas without gifts, Turkey and a nice Christmas movie? These best movies to watch at Christmas will make your holiday time even better.

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