Christmas Is Nearly Here – Must Watch TV Shows In the Festive Period

Well Christmas is right around the corner, so you know what time it is? Yes it the time to catch up with all your favourite shows. We all want to lay back and relax and not have to do anything and just watch TV so here are some shows that you will love to the core:

1. Homeland: We all know just how gripping this show is and it continues to be. The thriller plot will make you want to go get your hands on the next episode. Get yourself some nice buttered popcorn or some Christmas treat to eat while you watch this lovely show.

2. Scandal: If Ellen DeGeneres is talking about it, rest assured it is big. We can’t get enough of Scandal as it is. There are so many layers to each characters and the plot keeps getting thicker and thicker. You don’t want to miss an episode of this show during the holidays.

3. Bones: Emily Deschanel just got hitched to David Boreanz on Bones and we can’t wait to see what the two are going to be doing on the Christmas episodes of the show. The show has really kept audiences happy now and is still managing to enjoy great TRPs.

4. Castle: If you like the mystery solving team if Bones, then you might want to see what Detective Beckett and Castle have in store for you. Last season Castle proposed to her and this season things kick off form there.  This show is a huge hit. If you haven’t seen it by now, you really need to.

5. The Walking Dead: Now if zombies are your thing then the Walking Dead is for you. Even though it is time to be jolly, you enjoy the odd scare with these zombies. This show has captured the imagination of millions and is giving heavyweight TV shows a run for their money.

6. WWE- Tribute to the Troops: Right about the New Year, the WWE superstars of the likes of the blue eyed John Cena, the ever so sexy Shawn Michaels and the Game – HH will all travel to Iraq or Afghanistan to pay a tribute to the US Troops based there. The show put on is dedicated to the armed forces serving their time out there and is a small way to say thank you to them. If you have no trouble with watching RAW or Smackdown, then you sure should catch this special.

Christmas is nearly here – must watch TV shows in the festive period are the above, so do tune in and don’t miss these awesome shows.

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