Rosarito Underwater Park to boost Mexico’s tourism

Rosarito Underwater Park is the new attraction which is grabbing the attention of the people. This was a project started six years before with a motive to conserve the marine species. Finally the project is successfully completed and will help to boost the tourism industry of Mexico. Francisco Ussel, a great engineer has tirelessly worked towards the design of this project and has come up with a unique layout that is the first in Mexico. Located close to the Baja California coast, it is estimated that around 100, 000 people will be visiting this park every year. The park is not only a source of recreation for the local people and the tourists but it is also a step towards conserving the marine species which are becoming extinct. In order to protect the park, an artificial reef has also been constructed that acts as a protected area.

According to the organizers, the Rosarito Underwater Park will definitely prove to be a successful project as it will attract lots of visitors thus generating revenue. This in turn will also have a huge impact on the hotel and the food industry. So the creation of the park will not only influence the tourism industry but will have a big effect in the other sectors as well. The Rosarito Underwater Park will not only thrive the tourism of Mexico but it will also help in the scientific research. Some of the major involvements will be from CICESE, Ensenada Scientific Research etc. It is the efforts of Baja California Divers Association that made the project successful.

According to Silvano Abarca, the creation of this park will influence the tourism to a great extent and will also fulfill the aim of making Mexico a clean city. Even the economic condition of the city will improve and this will mark the beginning of the progress. Pedro Ramírez Campuzano who is a local businessman says that the establishment of the Rosarito Underwater Park is a step towards economic as well as scientific growth which will prove beneficial for the city. Also the underwater park will boost the tourism industry thus offering opportunities to compete at the international platform.

The park will also provide the exposure to the marine wildlife which was not possible earlier. Thus, the Rosarito Underwater Park will open new doors of enhance the tourism of Mexico and allow the people to experience the richness that attract the visitors from the US too.


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