Give Them Something To Talk About With An Axe Throwing Party

It’s the party idea that’s bound to get everybody talking. You may have seen your friends posting selfies and group photos on social media of their first time going to an axe throwing league and wondered what the big deal was? Before the photo ops and bragging rights, axe throwing parties are actually as old as Canada, and probably as old as the axe as a tool itself, which is pretty old.

Axe throwing leagues, like Canada’s most popular axe throwing league, BATL, started in people’s backyards. After a weekend of fun at a camp, where axes are still used quite often, some friends decided to keep the party going and host axe throwing parties in their backyard. Well, it was such a good and popular idea that BATL had to open a legitimate business just to meet the demand. As of the writing of this, there are now nine BATL locations in Canada, with perhaps more to come, and corporate team building activities at BATL are even becoming very popular.

So what’s the secret to axe throwing leagues? Why are they so popular? The answer is pretty simple: it’s fun. But there are more reasons than that. One thing is that city dwellers crave a connection to the simpler life. Early settlers in Canada had very little and had to build their homes from the ground up. The axe is still a potent symbol of that past and remains an important connection. People couldn’t have lived all these years in the cold Canadian climate and wilderness without their trusty axes. Because of the importance of the axe, it also became a source of fun. Since the settlers used them so often they also became experts at wielding them. Perhaps part of the reason that axe throwing leagues remain popular is that we don’t want to lose all of our hard earned skills now that life is easier.

Whatever the reason for its popularity, the fact that axe throwing leagues and parties are the most popular group activity in Canada is undeniable. If you’re new to it, jump right in. Axe throwing leagues pride themselves on being safe and inclusive environments. If you’ve been before then you’re probably already hooked and you won’t need much convincing to return. Don’t forget to take some great axe throwing selfies are group photos and spread the word to family and friends. Axe throwing parties are the most fun way to spend time with your friends and they’re here to stay.

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