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iPhone 5 Review

iPhone 5 is a smartphone developed by Apple. Priced between 40-45k INR, it is a touch-screen phone and succeeds iPhone 4s. It is the sixth generation of iPhone introducing a lighter model with a high resolution, 8 megapixel camera, support for LTE, 4-inch screen, operating system OS6 and OS7, lately making the system much faster and more efficient. Apple is coming up with two variants of phone called iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s.


Let’s review this smartphone in a little more detail now:


  • OS/Interface

Many users say that it this operating system is an advanced version of the ones introduced earlier (features like facetime over 3g and panoramic photos). They make the working of the phone user-friendly and faster. The notification menu works even when the phone is locked making it more convenient for the user to check for calls/messages without unlocking the phone. The entire phone works with just one home button, which is an exceptional feature in itself.


  • Applications

While offering a lot of applications that a person can imagine, it is the quality of these apps that matters. iPhone has a lot of apps that are not available o Android such as iTunes, iMovie, games like Fairway solitaire, rebirth, making it the phone a unique gadget to have.


  • Performance

The iOS runs very smoothly because it’s coding is done in C and not Java, which has inefficiencies. Loading pages, task execution and menu switching happens within the blink of an eye.


  • Sharing/ Universal Content

The best feature of Apple is that all its products can be easily synced with each other. If you buy a universal game, you can have it both on your iPhone and iPad. Photo and video sharing can also be done universally in this way without needing any 3rd party apps. In fact, iOS also has the facetime feature for your friends and family on all its devices.


  • Warranty

Another great thing about this smartphone is that whenever you face any phone related problem, you can take it to your nearest Apple store. The replacement warranty is of one year. They will either fix it or completely replace it even on the 364th day of the year, a promise that no other company delivers. Also, Apple phones come with higher resale value than other smartphones just in case you make up your mind to sell this phone.


Thus, this phone is worth giving a try for all the features it offers. Though the screen is smaller and battery life is less, it can be integrated with other Apple devices, which makes it a good buy.

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