Scuff-Proof Your iPad

Fresh out of the box, your iPad is a beautiful, sleek machine that looks as good as it performs. After heavy use, however, chances are you won’t be able to maintain its original lustre and shine. Only a few mistakes are all it takes to make your iPad look like a grizzled war vet that’s seen some things. To make sure your iPad keeps its pristine polish, get a vinyl skin.

iPad skins are the best way to protect your device from the dangers of daily wear and tear as well as some of the occasional disasters. Plenty of your fellow iPad owners will scoff, turning to what little protection a hard plastic case can offer; but don’t get sucked in by their ignorance. After all, you wouldn’t jump off a cliff just because your friends did, would you?

A hard plastic case sits around your iPad, and uses clasps and hinges to stay on tight. Unfortunately, they’re never truly measured to the exact dimension of your iPad, so ‘tight’ is a subjective word. Inevitably, this leaves little bit of room between it and the iPad, so the device ends up rattling around within the item that’s supposed to protect it. Meanwhile, small crumbs, dirt, and even grime can work their way into this small space. And because it relies on clasps to sit around the iPad, it always ends up adding unnecessary bulk and weight to your iPad.

If you have the iPad Pro, you can’t afford to add a single gram or millimetre more to the device. It’s big enough! If you have an iPad Mini, you don’t want to encase it in a piece of plastic that defeats the purpose of being ‘mini’.

iPad skins, on the other hand, are unique in their design as they offer exclusive fit and purpose. Typically, they’re made out of genuine 3M vinyl, which means they can be cut with such a precision that no square millimetre goes uncovered. Every curve, corner, and button will have coverage, but without any added weight. As an incredibly thin material, vinyl provides all of the protection you need without disrupting the original design of the iPad. Thin though it might be, an iPad skin is strong enough to save your iPad from scratches, dents, and gouges as well as grime build up and accidental spills. Once wrapped in a skin, your iPad will be veritably scuff-proof.

Protection isn’t the only thing these skins can offer. When you wrap your iPad in a dbrand skin, you can breathe right knowing your iPad will look cool too. Their 3M vinyl has been engineered to take on the customized designs of people like you, with sophisticated and fun styles like leather, carbon fiber, and wood to choose from. You can even mix and match the individual pieces to create a totally unique color to texture combination.

A good looking skin that protects your iPad from daily wear and tear can sound too good to be true, but it’s a reality. Just go online and see what iPad skins are available, remembering to stick with only those that are precision-cut 3M vinyl. That way, your iPad will look as good as it did straight out of the box—even years down the line!

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